Signagelive and Silver Curve launch a range of Aperture powered plug-and-play digital signage devices at ISE, 4-6 February

Signagelive and Silver Curve are the first companies to develop Raspberry Pi standalone & OPS players based on the new Aperture graphics engine

Signagelive, cloud-based digital signage technology specialists and Silver Curve, developers of the Aperture graphics engine have worked collaborated with Rob Gwynne, a Raspberry Pi designer and consultant and a leading UK Manufacturer, to create the first commercial-grade Raspberry Pi-based digital signage devices.  The new range features a standalone player as well as an open pluggable specification (OPS) suitable for use in professional displays from NEC and other manufacturers.

The Signagelive/ Aperture player all-inclusive digital signage solution is one of the first commercial offerings to be developed using the Aperture graphics engine and Raspberry Pi device. Signagelive will be demonstrating its expertise and digital signage capabilities on booth number 8-L170 (in Hall 8) at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), taking place at the Rai, Amsterdam from the 4-6 February.

Both the standalone player and OPS device are based on Aperture, an innovative GPU accelerated graphics engine, developed by Silver Curve, that runs on mobile chip technology. Aperture-powered devices are highly cost effective to deploy, requiring only 3 watts of power compared to 70 watts of power needed to run conventional PCs. They also provide the same visual quality and features seen on conventional PCs.  The Aperture OS supports graphical content in multiple formats including HD video, static images, embedded Java scripting, multi-zoning and interactivity. It supports graphic artists with beautiful animation capabilities including text effects, 3D animation and real-time blur, which is used to display content from a CMS or data feeds such as XML, JSON, or RSS.

Both products have been purpose-built to support digital signage applications that can be managed using Signagelive’s cloud-based CMS. They are manufactured from commercial-grade hardware components and comprise no moving parts to offer maximum reliability.  They also have a low carbon footprint and include an innovative built-in half hour battery-powered backup for business continuity purposes.

Both the Raspberry Pi and OPS based devices have been developed to seamlessly interface with Signagelive’s cloud-based player API, replicating the advanced capabilities that, historically, have only been available on expensive PC-based solutions. Signagelive’s cloud-based CMS incorporates a number of high-level features, such as sophisticated scheduling capabilities, HDMI input for live TV, advanced device monitoring (including screen on/off, CPU and memory control), drag-and-drop design facilities and multi-zoning applications.

It also supports QR code technology and integration for third-party widgets and content services including Twitter, Yahoo Finance or Screenfeed.  All content can be managed and updated centrally or remotely via different devices including PCs, Smartphones or Tablets.

Says Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive;

The emergence of low-cost non-PC digital signage devices is having a major impact on the legacy PC based market. Computers like Raspberry Pi have historically been considered to be gimmicky, with no real commercial viability.  A new range of Aperture-powered devices, developed by Silver Curve and supported by Signagelive is changing this perception. They will further reduce the cost of deploying digital signage technology and in doing so, accelerate widespread adoption and growth.”

Says Bryan Crotaz, CEO of Silver Curve:

“Over 2 years in development, Aperture is an outstanding technological achievement. Aperture unlocks the ability for low cost digital signage players to deliver the amazing graphics normally associated with high end PCs, while consuming a fraction of the power. It offers the market something genuinely innovative that opens up a plethora of new opportunities for digital signage deployments.”


About Silver Curve

Silver Curve was established in 2010 as a digital signage consultancy and software developer.

Its consultancy clients include Computacenter, NET-A-PORTER, AGCO and Lord’s Cricket Ground.  Silver Curve has developed a graphics engine (Aperture) that runs digital signage software on a mobile phone chip, as opposed to a PC.  Digital signage powered by Aperture typically costs a fraction of the price of PC based systems and demands only 5% of the power.  With no moving parts and a tiny footprint, Aperture powered chips can be installed directly into screens and other video devices.

Contact : Bryan Crotaz – CEO