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Signagelive Update – External Source Synchronisation, plus features and fixes

We are pleased to announce the latest update to Signagelive available to all users as of today. 

The key updates are as follows:

  • Deploy becomes Publish - as communicated last Friday, we have made a change to the process used within Signagelive to distribute playlists and media to connected devices. Find out more
  • External Source Synchronisation - this is significant platform enhancement that enables us to connect to external content sources and deliver them to any device that can be managed by Signagelive. Watch out for a further announcement this Thursday on the first content partner we will launch using our External Source Synchronisation capabilities. Find out more
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes - we continue to listen to our customers and have added a host of improvements and bug fixes to make using Signagelive better than ever. View the Release Notes

Many thanks for your continued support.


The Signagelive Team