How easy is it to get started with Signagelive?

It is a simple question, but honestly how easy is it to get started with Signagelive?

You have a Player ready for use with Signagelive; be it a PC Player, a Samsung SSP Display, LG webOS Display, Chrome OS Device or Enhanced SMIL Player and you’ve purchased a Signagelive Licence, now what?

Firstly, you need a Signagelive Network, what’s that?

A Signagelive Network is the centre of your Signagelive account, this is where your Players are attached to and where you upload your Media Assets to. Everything within Signagelive is connected to the Network. Licences, Players and Media cannot be shared or transferred across Networks.

You can set up your Signagelive Network in  one of two ways. Either you already have a User Account, in which case you need to go to My Signagelive and create a New Network or go to and choose “I’ve purchased a Licence, Get Started”. By following the steps you will create your new Network and your purchased Licence will be attached.

Now, depending on your Player there are a couple of different ways to get connected to Signagelive.

For all Player Types you need to make sure the Player has an internet connection before getting started.

Samsung SSP, LG webOS Displays and Enhanced SMIL (such as IAdea or Viewsonic) Players just need a URL entered in to their configuration.

Chrome OS requires that  you  install the Signagelive App from the Chrome store.

The PC Player requires  you to install the latest PC Client, available here.

Once you’ve completed the correct setup for your Player Type and it connects to the Signagelive platform you will get a 6 character code displayed on the screen.


Log in to Signagelive, and go to the Licences section under Settings. Click on the Licence you purchased, and enter the 6 character code.

The next time your Player connects to Signagelive it will activate and begin to show a Green Tick, this is our connected content.


And you are now ready to upload and publish your content to your Signagelive Player.