21 Digital Signage in action

Following the recent post regarding the use of Signagelive by 21 Digital Signage to roll-out their 100 site network to-date, find below an image and information relating to one of the latest installations in the Pet Vaccination Clinic Wythall:

Further Information:

The first Pet vaccination clinic was opened by pioneering veterinary surgeon Judy Walker in 1997 to provide low cost vaccination and neutering to all pet owners.

This was a direct response to stop the animal suffering she had witnessed in practice while working with the Cats Protection and National Canine Defense League { now the Dogs Trust.}

With more affordable care available, the number of pets contracting preventable, viral diseases in the area dropped.

In response to demand, the PVC clinics all now offer a full range of veterinary services, at affordable costs so as not to break the bank.

The group have 5 clinics, 4 in the Midland region and 1 in Rayleigh in Essex.

In an endeavor to keep up with ever changing technology Will Stirling the Group Marketing Director is very keen to be at the forefront of the industry especially in keeping there clients up to date with information, so with the enhancement of 21 Digital Signage Live Screen Display in the reception areas it enables the Clinic to inform their clients of the latest products and services available on todays market.

Will was very happy to splay that from initial conception of 21 Digital he has been very pleased with all parts of the procedure, from initial installation to updating information on the screens on a display to display basis.

One important aspect to the Group is that they adopted as their charity the ” DAVID SHELDRICK WILDLIFE TRUST” this enabled the Group to adopt one of the many Elephants that were in desperate need of care, her name is “SUGUTA” and because of the generous donations from both the clients and the practice she is doing very well after 3 months, her updates can be seen on the reception screens keeping them

21 Digital would like to splay thank you to Will and all the staff for the great work that they do.

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