Signagelive Key Features

Key FeaturesWe are often asked about the key features and benefits of Signagelive® some of which you’ll find listed below:

– True SaaS (Software–as-a–Service) Digital Signage Apication: Enabling your Digital Signage network to be managed from anywhere that you can connect to the Internet via your web browser.

– Zero set up costs: Unlike other Digital Signage applications, there are no setup fees associated with Signagelive®.

– No servers needed: Save £000’s on implementing and maintaining your own servers.

– Real-time reporting: Run live reports on your hardware, assets, users, playlists and impressions to prove content ayback.

– Mortality check-ins: Each Signagelive® enabled hardware device lets the Signagelive® server know it’s alive and working as it should which can be monitored in real-time.

– Pro-active network monitoring: Tools to allow you to check the Signagelive® device has the correct content and has checked in when it should have.

– Value added opportunities: Offer value added services to grow your business around Signagelive®.

– Automatic Software Updates: All Signagelive® devices are automatically updated with the latest release without the associated costs of sending engineers onsite to upgrade.

– Zero onsite configuration: Installation couldn’t be simpler. Plug in the power and connect to the Internet and you can begin managing the Signagelive® device immediately.

– Layout controller: Full control of the screen layout and where your content is positioned.

– Rich asset support: Use just about any type of content created in any apication making use of current design skills you have with mainstream content packages like Flash or Photoshop.

– Playlist interupts: Switch between two playlists at the press of a button, touch of a screen, mouse click etc…

– IT friendly: Each device simy needs access to the Internet! No VPN’s are required and no special ports need to be opened. Signagelive® is kind to network bandwidth.

– Fast deployment timescales: Multi-site networks can be deployed and live within minutes.

– One size fits all: Doesn’t matter if your network comprises of a single screen or 50,000 screens located worldwide!

– Worry free: No worries about reliability, security and software upgrades, it’s all taken care of for you. Signagelive® is hosted in secure data centres providing a guaranteed service.

– On-demand service: Signagelive® is always on and available through the Internet 24/7/365.

– Easy to use: A focus on simicity ensures user acceptance which increases the success of your Digital Signage network.

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