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Signagelive and AdMobilize Partner to Bring Audience Measurement to Global Digital Signage Networks

Signagelive, one of the leading digital signage service companies in the world, has partnered with AdMobilize, a global leader in computer vision intelligence, dedicated to making sense of the physical world, to bring real-time audience analytics and dynamic creative capabilities to digital signage networks across the globe. AdMobilize´s transformative analytics platform provides data to understand […]

Why should a coffee shop use Signagelive digital signage for their business? What would be the benefits to them as a business to use this product?

Are you still using old-fashioned paper menus and displays at your coffee shop? That has been fine up until now but digital signage is the way forward for your business. Digital, dynamic and interactive displays will allow you to show a huge variety of up-to-date content to current and potential customers, and you can store […]