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Summer 11 release adds Nested Playlist and Local Manager features to Signagelive

We are delighted to announce the release of Signagelive Summer 11 with a host of new features and approvements.

We pride ourselves on our support and listening to our customers and their suggestions on how we can improve the Signagelive platform. Summer 11 sees the addition of two brand new features that will make the deployment and management of Signagelive networks even easier for administrators and end users alike. A run down on the new features are as follows:


Local Playlist Manager

One new powerful feature Signagelive networks from the Summer 11 release is the Local Playlist Manager, which allows Local Users to be created.



With this new feature you’ll now be able to create and assign Local Users on your network so they can manage their own playlists and media content.Also you’ll be able to give complete control to local

users and allow user tags to be assigned which will generate which playlists and media can be accessed.

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Nested Playlists

Another great addition from the Summer 11 release is the new Nested Playlists feature which allows users to now place playlists into playlists.



With the use of this feature you’ll now be able to put a playlist within a playlist and can create or insert existing playlists on to your playlist timeline.

You’ll now be able to have a bucket of playlist content that you can configure with different playback styles to be played amongst your parent media.

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Check out our Signagelive Knowledgebase

If you have a moment then we recommend you take a look at our Signagelive Knowledgebase, which includes help guides, in-depth articles and feature requests from our users. We are continually updating this resource and are always keen to hear back from our Signagelive users.


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