Widgets, an update on the work we’ve been doing!

Widget Sample Clocks

A little while ago I posted a blog about “Widgets” as we’ve been talking about them for a little while.

Well I’ve got some good news, we can give you a suggestion of when they will actually be available within Signagelive.

We have a release to do first with some bug fixes in, and then we will be releasing a version of Signagelive which supports our Widgets!

The plan puts this release as happening at the start of October, and we will keep you up to date as we get closer to this.

The Widgets we will be including in this release are a number of Analogue and Digital Clocks, and also Weather Widgets.

Some examples of the clock widgets you can expect are:


This release will support Widgets which will be hosted by Signagelive, and then over the month of November we will be releasing updates to our player versions which will allow for Widgets to work offline.