Signagelive Marketplace – Add items to your Asset Library with a single click

Upload any Marketplace content with just one click. Select an item and see it in your Signagelive Media Asset Library.

Marketplace Single Click

We really hope you are liking the new Marketplace, and are making use of the 500+ items that are currently available there.

On Monday 13th February we also added 22 different Weather Widgets for you to use free of charge.

When we released the Marketplace we knew that the process of adding items to your Signagelive Network was just a stepping stone to how we really wanted it to work.

Well….on Monday 20th February, we are making a small change to the Marketplace, but hopefully it will have a huge impact!

We have made it so that one click adds an item from the Marketplace to your Signagelive Network.

The Marketplace works exactly the same, but when you click the “+” button from the list of items, or from an item’s details page, this will automatically be added to the Signagelive Network you are logged in to.

After clicking the button, you will receive a Green Notification in the bottom right hand corner to tell you the item you selected was successfully added, and then you will find it in your “Recently Added” folder once you close the Marketplace.

Remember the Marketplace is there for your benefit, so if you have any suggestions for items you would like to see added, then please get in touch at: