Can I use PowerPoint for digital signage?


Anyone can use PowerPoint to create cost-effective yet engaging display signage content.

The benefit of the platform is that most schools, colleges and organisations have access to PowerPoint as part of Microsoft Office Suite, and are familiar with how to use it.

Without the need for any dedicated resource or budget, this time-saving platform makes it easy to re-use, amplify and scale out existing presentations, as well as create content from scratch and for any industry application.

For quick start content creation, you’re able to re-use and/or tweak existing PowerPoint presentations to share on-screen as slideshow digital signage. 

Slideshow digital signage

All you have to do is go into PowerPoint slideshow mode, set your slides to display for a specified number of seconds, and ensure that they autoplay and transition correctly. 

Then export them as jpeg, png images if they only contain still content, or as encoded MP4 video files if they are animated.

The next step is to upload your file to a content management system (CMS), such as Signagelive, where it can be used within a playlist.