Claim one month of free EyeQuant AI design analytics with Signagelive [+VIDEO]

Are you tired of spending time and money on digital signage content that, all too often, falls flat and fails to engage customers with the main call to action? 

If you can relate to this, and the design process feels like it is becoming too much of a gamble, then we might be able to help.

Through a new ground-breaking partnership with leading visual analytics company, EyeQuant, we’re now giving you the opportunity – free of charge –  to pre-test and boost the effectiveness of your digital signage image and video content, before it goes live. Bringing you unprecedented, data-driven design support in this exclusive promotion, Signagelive is offering every new and existing customer a complimentary, no-strings attached, one-month EyeQuant subscription, worth over £375.

What are the benefits?

Pre-test your content

With this one-month of free, unlimited EyeQuant neuroscientific analyses, Signagelive is now able to help teams of all design abilities overcome the greatest difficulty when it comes to delivering impactful digital signage – that is, creating consistently good content. 

Instead of having to guess what content designs are likely to drive home your messaging, through EyeQuant, you can now generate the AI-driven insights required to predict and validate, as well as maximise the impact of your campaigns. 

Optimise chances of campaign success, the first time you go live

Transforming the art of design into a more scientific, data-driven process that inspires confidence, this offering speeds up content creation, helping to optimise the chances of campaign success, the first-time you go live.

While other AI analytics solutions help assess how published campaigns have been received by viewers, and what could be improved after the fact, EyeQuant actually helps to prevent your campaigns from under-performing in the first place. 

Experience an ultra-fast content analysis tool

A much faster and more convenient content performance analysis tool than pre-launch surveys and focus groups, EyeQuant enables you, with just one click, to analyse how viewers’ attention is likely to be distributed across the design of any image or video. 

Requiring no specialist expertise to use, or additional equipment, the platform enables you to  generate instant, easy-to-read data reports, and see, at a glance, how a tweak in the layout or change in colour could significantly boost the effectiveness of your content.

Speed up design and approval processes

Without any major redesign, you can salvage weaker campaigns, and then secure buy-in and approvals much more quickly from all stakeholders by validating content design choices, based on EyeQuant data analytics.

Think of EyeQuant as a form of quality assurance testing that actually enables you to improve your content in the process.

For further time-saving support, the platform even enables you to run analyses on the fly as you view – and edit your designs in your Chrome web browser.


Why Signagelive and EyeQuant make such a good partnership

A CMS industry-first, the promotional partnership offers an unmissable opportunity to experience the future potential of AI for content management.

While EyeQuant can help you improve engagement with all the most important messaging in your designs, straight off the bat, Signagelive, with its integrated AI analytics partner solutions, will enable you to test their real-world impact after publication. You can essentially continue to refine and optimise your designs as your campaigns grow and evolve.

Deliver up-to-the-minute relevant campaigns

With Signagelive, you can also quickly schedule and distribute finalised content to appear on one, some or all your digital signage screens as full-screen creatives, or as part of multi-zone template designs.

For more support, the platform allows you to edit live content, as well as pre-schedule the end dates of your campaigns, so that any published designs are always correct, fresh, and relevant.

So how does EyeQuant technology work?

Developed and validated by neuro and data scientists at the University of Osnabrück (Germany), Caltech and the University of Southern California (USA), EyeQuant’s patented solution is one of a kind. It works by drawing on a combination of advanced neuroscientific research, artificial intelligence, and neural network modelling to simulate how users will perceive designs within the first three-five seconds of viewing. 

To detect which design characteristics will capture viewers’ attention, the platform draws on predictive models to analyse over 1.6 million data points across 20,000 experiments, involving hundreds of participants. 

As the solution is based on the unchanging fundamentals of neuroscience – that is, how the human cerebral cortex responds to thousands of different visual stimuli, EyeQuant is equally well-suited for digital signage use as it is for any other digital media.

Designed to pick up an incredible 2,500 visual stimuli, the platform takes into consideration top-down as well as bottom-up processes determining visual saliency. This makes it ideal for understanding how content is consumed – what colours, and forms are likely to help messaging stand out across any digital platform.

Whatever the content assessed, the predictions generated will be highly reliable, having been proven to be 90% as accurate as conducting physical studies.


How does the platform analyse your designs, and why?

For imagery, EyeQuant Inspect offers three different analysis types to help support your design goals. 

  • Visual Attention Analysis

The first of these is a Visual Attention Analysis. Illustrating the results across a series of maps and one visual comparison chart, this analysis enables you to understand if your main messaging is likely to be the focus of your viewers’ attention. 

Clearly highlighting the design elements that viewers will see first, the Perception Map alone gives you plenty of insight into the strength of your design.

Generally, good designs clearly follow what’s sometimes referred to as the “3Ws Approach”. In other words, they indicate ‘what’ the content is about, ‘why’ the viewer should care, and ‘where’ they should go next.  If your “3Ws” are not in any of the map’s spotlights, then you have a clear opportunity to optimise your design.

  • Attention Heat Map

The Attention Heat Map works to give you a more granular perspective of which design elements will capture most attention. It uses a colour code to highlight how your viewers’ attention will be distributed across your design, with red indicating the most visually impactful areas.

  • Hot Spots Map

The Hot Spots Map is equally insightful. Using a series of differently sized magenta circles that correspond to the predicted intensity of the viewers’ focus, it helps you to understand the design hierarchy of your content. If your most important messaging or call to action isn’t encircled multiple times and by the biggest magenta circles, then this means you have another opportunity to tweak and improve your design.


Regions of Interest Tool

With the Regions of Interest Tool, you can actually measure and quantify how eye-catching certain design regions are. A percentage score is offered by comparing an area you select to the average visibility of the entire design. This tool is not only ideal for confirming if your design hierarchy is on point, but also, for conducting A/B testing, when you want to compare the impact of one version of a design element against another.

Clarity Analysis

The Clarity Analysis can help to maximise engagement with your designs by rating, on a scale of 0 – 100, how clear or cluttered your content appears. The rating system works by taking 50 as the score for an average html design, with anything close to 100 being considered extremely clean and clear. 

Although cluttered designs can overwhelm and turn viewers off, the right level of clarity for your design will depend entirely on its context and what you’re trying to achieve.

For instance, if a customer interacts with a self-service touch screen for more information on a product, you wouldn’t want the design that displays to be too sparse in terms of information.

Excitingness Score

The emotional impact of a design has been proven to influence behaviour, which is why EyeQuant also offers metrics for this with its Excitingness Score. Rated on a scale of 0-100, with 50 representing the average html design, the Excitingness Score helps you work out whether or not you’ve generated the right level of excitement for your content. It’s important to remember that while you would probably want to score highly for a design intended to promote adventure holidays, you would not want to do so, if advertising a peaceful retreat.

New or Engaged Visitor Models

To ensure that the data generated can facilitate your specific design goals, EyeQuant enables you to run analyses, based on models for either an Engaged Visitor or a New Visitor. The Engaged Visitor option is ideal for analysing designs intended to deliver a specific call to action, whereas the New Visitor model is better suited for assessing information-led content.

EyeQuant Experience

With EyeQuant Experience, you can also evaluate the impact of your dynamic content, including videos and animations. It’s designed to simulate a situation where viewers freely watch a dynamic visual without any specific goal in mind. As the solution analyses the predicted eye fixation density for a specific 0.07 second time sample, multiple heat maps are generated to understand how viewers’ response will change over the course of the content.

EyeQuant Experience Analyses

Like EyeQuant Inspect,  the Experience solution offers similar Visual Attention-based analytics reports, including an Attention Map, a Visual Hierarchy Hot Spots Map, and a Regions of Interest comparison tool. 

The Visual Stimulation Analysis offers a rating of between 0-100 to quantify how visually stimulating a video footage or animation scene will be for viewers. 

So, what’s included in the EyeQuant promotion?

To ensure that you can experience the full power of EyeQuant’s AI predictive analytics technology, we’re offering one month’s free access to both EyeQuant Inspect and EyeQuant Experience. Throughout the course of your complimentary subscription, you’ll have:

  • Unlimited design analyses for digital images through EyeQuant Inspect, and for dynamic digital experiences through EyeQuant Experience
  • Online access to the EyeQuant support team to help you make the most of the platform

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neuroscience are transforming the design process, enabling graphic designers, digital content managers, as well as creative agencies to test, validate and improve their content. With this promotional partnership, you now have a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and experience the technology for yourself, free of charge. Whether you’re part of an in-house content management team, or creative agency, with Signagelive and EyeQuant, you can unlock a whole new level of AI-powered content development support for your digital signage.