Dashboard & Proof of Play – Upcoming Release (1)

Dashboard & Proof of Play – Upcoming Release

For the past few months we have been talking about what is coming in our next release, and it is almost here. You will be notified of the planned release date by email, keep an eye out for these within the next week or so.

Last week it moved in to Internal Testing, and this is going well. We are keen to get it out and live as soon as possible, but we want to make sure it is absolutely ready.

As with all releases this one is going through a structured testing regime, and this of course means there are a number of iterations, as issues are found. This release will take slightly longer to get through this process because of the number of changes which are included.

We have made changes to almost every process within Signagelive and for this reason we have to run through thorough testing of all features, a normal testing process would focus on the new features and a set of regression testing.

We have also had to make changes to all of our client applications to support the Proof of Play functionality, which again need full regression testing rather than focused testing on the changed or newly added features.

As a reminder of what will be included, there is:

Updated Dashboard

The updated dashboard will be given to everyone as standard, there will be no need for you to do anything, once the release is complete, the next time you login, it will be there.

We thought as it is now in it’s released state we would give you a full demonstration, so you can see how it will work:

For more information on the Dashboard improvements see our Updated Dashboard Overview document.

Proof of Play BETA

We have said a lot about Proof of Play, and we know that some of you will be keen to get your hands on this. This will be a Beta release of Proof of Play.

By BETA we are saying that it is a working version of the Product, but we know that there may well be some improvements required. We want to get feedback from you, our customers, because you are the people who will be using it and for this reason it will be free for an agreed period, while we gather feedback.

We are collecting up to 27 individual pieces of data about each Media Asset that is played, giving you great flexibility and feedback on how and where your content is being played.

You don’t have to be selling advertising for Proof of Play to be useful, you may still want to know that your media is playing when it should, or you might want to use it in conjunction with some of our other features, such as Interrupts and find out how often interrupts are being triggered. You could then use this to find out if the interactive content is helping your sales.

Proof of Play will be added to Networks as and when required, so if you are interested, we want to hear from you, and understand how you want to use Proof of Play, and then we can work together to get this set up within Signagelive, making sure you have the latest client versions and we can then fully review the implementation with you. Please get in touch at sales@signagelive.com.

For more information on Proof of Play see our Proof of Play Overview document.

Scheduled Reboots of Players and Reboot after next Content Check

Some Player Types within Signagelive, currently support a nightly restart, this is the PC Player and the Enhanced SMIL Players.

The PC Player will restart nightly between 00:00 and 04:00, and Enhanced SMIL Players will restart at 02:00.

This is a feature which it is possible to turn on or off for all supported Players or individual Players.

This improvement, will add this functionality to more Player Types (SSSP, LG WebOS and Chrome OS), and give you the ability to decide on the time of day you wish the Player to reboot rather than a time set by us.

To all of these Player Types we are also adding the ability to be able to tell the Player to restart after its next Content Check, this is for those rare occasions where a reboot is required to get the Player up and running.

Custom RSS Editor and Message Manager Changes

Custom RSS Editor name change

The menu option for the Custom RSS Editor within Signagelive is changing it’s name, it will no longer be called “Custom RSS Feeds” but is becoming “Message Manager Template Editor”, the functionality is exactly the same, it is just the name that is changing.

Feed Search

We have added to both the Message Manager Template Editor and the Message Manager Application Feed Browsers the ability to search for a Feed on the name, this will search all Feeds not just the ones showing on the current page.