Deliver cost-efficient and easy-to-manage enterprise digital signage with Chrome Enterprise Recommended Signagelive


Managing a large-scale digital signage project can feel like a tall order, requiring you to hit tight budgets and deadlines, without making any compromises to security, or the user experience of those in front of, and behind the screens.

But, with Signagelive and Chrome OS devices, powered by the Chrome Enterprise Licence, it doesn’t have to be challenging. 

As one of the first Chrome Enterprise Recommended solutions for digital signage, our platform can be integrated seamlessly with Chrome OS devices to deliver cost-effective, easy-to-manage – and step-up enterprise-class digital signage.

What is Chrome Enterprise Recommended and why does it matter?

Chrome Enterprise Recommended (CER) is Google’s Partners Programme for third-party solutions on Chrome OS. 

Only a few select products and services are recommended by Google. To qualify as a Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution and be optimised for Chrome OS, you have to work directly with Google to extend your product’s functionality, quality and security.

So, what are the benefits of Signagelive-powered Chrome OS devices?

Our platform’s tried and tested compatibility with Chrome OS ensures that, without extensive prior testing, you can reliably integrate Signagelive with Chrome OS devices that are powered by the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Licence.

The advantages of such integrations are far-reaching, impacting every stage of your digital signage project, from deployment, set up and maintenance to the end user experience and digital signage performance itself.

Simplify management and speed up deployment

For a start, you can remotely manage, provision and deploy cost-effective Chrome OS devices through the cloud-based Google Admin console. Making large scale digital signage roll-outs fast, easy and secure, features, such as zero touch enrollment help you to streamline and simplify device provisioning.

Any number of corporate-owned devices can be pre-configured automatically online, and then shipped out with enforced management to deliver an easy and uniform plug and play user experience.

Reducing I.T overhead costs, Chrome OS devices will also automatically update with the latest anti-virus protection and features. With the Google Admin console’s 500+ configurable policies for remote management, you can also remotely check the status of devices, and receive proactive alerts, as well as monitor your system’s health and control settings. 

While Signagelive-powered Chrome OS devices offer cost-effective ease of set up and maintenance, none of this requires any trade-offs in terms of security. In fact, through the Google Admin console, I.T administrators can actually access additional security controls. These allow, for instance, devices to be disabled remotely in the event they are lost or stolen, or sensitive data to be removed from them at the end of user sessions.

With Chrome OS devices, you’re also able to add value to your network, long-term. Remoting in with telemetry, for instance, enables end user experiences to be monitored remotely and continually improved.

A smooth performance

Whatever you want to achieve with your Signagelive-powered Chrome OS devices, you can be sure that the performance will be optimal. This means no unsightly glitches, or costly frozen screens. 

Signagelive for Chrome OS has been optimised to ensure smooth-flowing graphics for all assets, from videos, imagery, and web pages to RSS feeds and sophisticated multi-zone digital signage template designs.

Support for all Signagelive enterprise-grade features

You can also expect all Signagelive features to run perfectly on Chrome OS devices. Schedule content from anywhere in minutes to one, some or all your displays. 

And ensure flexible yet tight control of even the vastest multi-location digital signage networks. With Granular User Permissions, you’re able to grant various levels of user access, while the Approvals function allows only pre-approved content to be published.

You can also support further remote monitoring capabilities with Proactive monitoring, which enables opt-in emails and texts to be sent automatically to administrators in the event that any content fails to reach the displays. 

Integrated proof of Play functionality provides additional support and insights, delivering downloadable and shareable reports detailing what content was delivered to which screen and when.

And with single-sign on support (SSO), through services, such as Okta, users can login into Signagelive with the single set of login credentials used for all their organisation’s platforms.

Highly responsive and interactive experiences

Offering the best of both worlds, Signagelive-powered Chrome OS devices are cost-effective and simple to manage, yet also capable of delivering deeply immersive and engaging cutting-edge digital signage solutions.                                                  

Together with touch screen Chrome OS digital signage players, our platform can, for example, transform the brick-and-mortar experience, making it as interactive, convenient and engaging – if not more so, than online. 

Guaranteeing speed of response, they help even the busiest businesses, such as quick service restaurants (QSRs) keep up with demand, enabling customers to select – and customise menu choices in seconds with just a few swift touch screen interactions.

In Kiosk mode, they’re also able to deliver powerful, personalised one-to-one interactions to drive sales, as well as educate and elicit feedback from visitors. With just a single touch interaction, any interactive web application can be launched instantaneously. 

Solutions, such as lift and learn platforms offer further support to enrich the first-person in-store shopping experience. Whenever customers lift and interact with items in a physical showcase, they unobtrusively trigger additional relevant product information to nearby screens.

Balancing costs and deadlines against the security and quality of the enterprise digital signage solution you deliver can be a challenge. But with Signagelive and Chrome OS devices, you have the power to streamline costs and simplify management, while also enhancing the user experience and your digital signage outcomes. 

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