Digital Signage Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Dave Haynes at Sixteen:Nine has wrestled for years with the numerous reports and surveys that get churned out on a weekly basis, predicting the growth of the digital signage sector.

As Dave has reported, many of these reports survey a small sample group of companies in the sector who are willing to give up their time to complete the survey, in return for a summary  or full copy of the final report. The flaw here is that the sample survey contributor group is way too small and for many (ourselves included) focused on achieving our own goals, we do not contribute to industry reports that add no value to our company or the market.

Mark this date in your calendar, Dave has unearthed a report that he is prepared to endorse. The report is by IHS and predicts that the total digital signage market (excluding DOOH Ad networks) will reach $13.4bn by 2019.