Digital Signage software, support and updates all for £0.62p* per day


As someone considering purchasing a Digital Signage solution, you have a decision to make:

Do you purchase servers, setup data connections, buy digital signage software, emoyee dedicated technical staff all at great expense before you have got a single screen displaying your media?


Do you choose Signagelive and within 10 minutes of signing up, your screen will be fully operational and running your media, all for 62p per day*?

In today’s economic climate, why spend your valuable cash reserves or commit to loans to purchase thousands of pounds worth of hardware, software and communications before you even start to install a single screen?

In addition, the server and communications hardware you buy to build your own Digital Signage network needs to be continually supported and upgraded at great expense and with human resources that you have emoyed just to look after your own solution.

Choose Signagelive and you are taking advantage of a multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that is fully supported, upgraded and with zero upfront costs.

Finally, as you expand your Digital Signage Network (DSN), Signagelive becomes cheaper as you benefit from reduced pricing by ordering in volume. Whereas, if you purchase your own technology you will need to continue to spend more and more money as your DSN expands to cope with the demands, making the financial gap between buying your own technology or choosing Signagelive even greater.

Whether you are looking at a single screen in a school reception or thousands of screens selling media, Signagelive offers an extremely cost effective and reliable solution.

* Based on Signagelive suggested end-user pricing for 10 x 3 year licences. Distribution, Strategic Partner and reseller pricing available on request. Price exclude VAT. Price in Euro = 72 cents per day, price in USD = 89 cents per day

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