Free clocks for your Signagelive digital signage layouts

We are pleased to announce that we have launched the first batch of free digital and analogue clocks for use in the Signagelive Layout Designer, see here for a complete list.

Clocks are a simple but highly requested feature so we are delighted to be able to deliver the first batch to all Signagelive networks, however, if there is a clock that you would like to see added to Signagelive then please let us know, by adding a suggestion to our Ideas portal.

The Clocks are supported on all Signagelive supported media players, however, take a look at the Widget media support section in this article, which explains how clocks are supported on each technology in greater detail.

Clocks are the first benefactor of our Widget Development Framework, so keep an eye on the usual channels for announcements of other free content and apps we will be adding to Signagelive, along with details of our Widget Development Framework which will allow you (or your HTML5 developers) to create your own content and apps for use in your Signagelive projects.

The Signagelive Team