How to use Mersive, ScreenBeam or Airtame as a digital signage device


Question: How do you make the most out of your Mersive, ScreenBeam or Airtame device?

Answer: By using Signagelive, you can convert any of these devices into digital signage delivery players either with your existing network or from scratch.

What are these devices?

The below devices are used in workplace environments to allow staff to connect, share and discuss projects while wirelessly sharing their desktop within a boardroom, huddle space or other workspace environments. 


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Mersive offers wireless content sharing made easy. With their Solstice devices, users are able to stream from any device to any display in a single step. Even high resolution imagery and multiple 4k videos can stream wirelessly to the screen at the same time. Users can share content using a web browser, Airplay, Miracast or the Solstice app. Mersive features unlimited users and unlimited content.


Screenbeam1100Plus_Blue-Light_Small (1)

ScreenBeam utilises Native wireless connection to provide a seamless wireless projection experience across Windows, Android, iOS, and Chromebook devices. ScreenBeam allows you to monitor and manage receivers with multi-user and role-based access capabilities included in every ScreenBeam receiver. With three levels of security, including certificate-based security requirements, AES128 encryption to keep content safe and customisable PIN pairing options. 



Airtame allows you to connect via the Airtame app, Airplay, Google Cast or Miracast. The small form factor device allows you to connect easily to any device to display your casted content. Airtame provides Pin code connection Multi-network support, Web proxy support and Windows domain authentication.

How to get the most from your devices

When not in use, your device will show some form of “Screensaver mode”. By default this can show an image such as a company logo or boardroom information. Although this is a useful feature, there is much more that could be done with this resource while not in use. 

Why not convert this unused space into digital signage!

Signagelive works with all of these devices to deliver up-to-date and relevant information to your workforce while your devices aren’t in use.

Why not…

  • Inform staff of current best practices for health and safety
  • Update users on the latest sales statistics or company code
  • Display what’s coming up in the boardroom using the free calendar integration app that works with Office365 or Google Calendars
  • Schedule fresh and current content for the rest of the day/week/month.

Question: But I don’t have Signagelive right now, do I already need to have digital signage running to use this?

Answer: Not at all! You can simply create a Signagelive network specifically for Mersive/ScreenBeam/Airtame devices and manage your content with the suite of tools built into the platform, just like any other traditional digital signage tool. 

Question: I DO already have a Signagelive network, can I add these devices and manage them alongside my other screens?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY! And what’s more, if the content is supported, you can send the same playlists to your devices without any duplicated content management!

How does it work?

Within each device, you can exchange a holding image for a website URL. Instead of displaying a static web-page, you can replace this URL with a Signagelive Browser player. This browser player works almost identically to the full application that’s available for a range of devices such as Philips, Samsung and LG SoC (system on chip) or standalone devices such as BrightSign, IAdea or Windows. The only limitation with a browser player is that it currently cannot display video files, however, if you’re using a Standard licence it will support…

  • Images
  • Web-Pages
  • All Marketplace apps (such as weather, news, noticeboard apps and calendar integration apps)
  • HTML5 content

When your devices aren’t in use, your screens will switch over to display your digital signage content automatically and you can utilise all of the tools that Signagelive has to offer such as 

  • Create zones of content to display multiple items at a time
  • Schedule your content to display at different times of the day or for specific durations in the future
  • Build out your signage to display relevant content to the right rooms/spaces at the right time. 

Need something a little lighter?

If you’re not in need of a full digital signage solution but you’d still like to utilise the free Marketplace content and display clocks,weather and your calendar items etc, you can opt to purchase Web Content Licences which come with all of the same features features as a Standard licence but are restricted to only displaying Web-based content. Luckily, almost everything within the Marketplace is built in HTML5 which means it will work with a Web Content Licence. 

You can check out more about the Web Content Licence here, including pricing.

Watch Tim set up a Mersive Solstice device here