How we help you sell Signagelive to your customers?

As a digital signage reseller choosing the right digital signage software company to partner with has a significant impact on the success and viability of your business.

Here at Signagelive, we understand that selling a digital signage solution can be a complex and time-consuming effort, so we have created an engagement process designed to increase your digital signage revenue while reducing the overall sales cycle.

Here’s how our sales process works


1. You identify an existing or potential customer that is interested in purchasing a digital signage solution.

2. You contact your Signagelive Sales Account Manager (SAM) to register the opportunity and exchange some basic opportunity details.

3. Your SAM will arrange for a discovery call with you and your client to more clearly define their specific project requirements. The results of this discussion are summarised into a brief findings document which will be provided to you and the client. The finding document generally includes the following:

  • Challenges and key objectives. This includes understanding their existing digital signage hardware/software, content strategy and resources as well as primary project stakeholders, budget, and timeline.
  • Organisational Impact – how the above items are impacting your client’s Organisation
  • Proposed Solution – a High-level summary of the client’s “future state” based on a combination of the client’s vision as well as various Project Components, including HW, SW, Install, training, & Custom work (if needed) 

4. Having completed discovery and findings, we will set a  date/time for a Signagelive GoToMeeting web demonstration tailored to the customer’s requirements. Attendees can include you/your team, as well as the primary client stakeholders. The demonstration will be conducted by a Signagelive Subject Matter expert and can be recorded and provided to the customer for reference and shared with colleagues and other stakeholders.

5. You and your Signagelive SAM will debrief  to discuss how the demonstration went and agree on follow-up actions; which may include:

A formal proposal for – Hardware, Software Training, Support.

In advanced or complex environments- we will also advise on additional Signagelive Services such as; premium support, data integration, custom content or application development, consultancy etc. (in about 50% of cases, a well-managed Demo will lead directly to an order.)

Proof of Capabilities (trial) – if the demonstration went to plan, the customer may require a Signagelive trial network and licence so they can conduct their own internal evaluation. Your SAM can advise and assist in arranging all components required, including  Signagelive supported hardware player or display as well as provide network and license assistance. In about 90% of cases, a well-managed trial will lead directly to an order. Your SAM will work with you to ensure the order includes everything required for the solution including licences, services and recommended hardware and on-site service.

6. Proof of Concept (Pilot) – in some cases, the customer may need to extend the trial to a proof of concept (POC) or Pilot. Your SAM will work with you and the customer to determine the scope of the POC and what constitutes success. Paid Pilots and POCs have the highest success rate (by a factor of about 3:1) and are highly encouraged. Depending on circumstances, we can extend trials at no cost, but the key is that we want the client to have “skin in the game” and for all of our efforts to result in an order. Specifics of the POC will be mutually agreed between you, your SAM and the customer.

7. Your SAM will maintain contact with you and the customer to ensure they have everything they require during the sales process, keeping you informed of all communication and deferring commercial matters directly to you, not the customer.

8. Once the opportunity has been won, your SAM will hand off the engagement to our support team to ensure their post-sales experience of Signagelive remains positive. If the project is to be rolled out in multiple phases with individual orders over an extended period of time, your SAM will register these in our CRM and maintain contact with you and the customer to ensure the overall success of the project.

With Signagelive, our Sales Account Manager will be with you at every step in the sales cycle. We are invested in your success as our success depends on you.

For further information, please contact your Signagelive Account Manager