Lab Series – Interactive Digital Signage Network In Action

Taking digital signage beyond passive screen content, the video below shows the interactive digital signage network implemented by Signagelive partner Lime IT in action. The project was commissioned by Estee Lauder for their Lab Series range of skin care for men.
[flv:LabSeries.flv 480 270]
As covered previously Lime IT implemented this interactive solution across several House of Fraser sites in the UK along with a similar installation in Macy’s, Toronto, Canada making this an inter-continental digital signage network that is managed centrally all over GPRS/3G mobile networks.

The solution works by utilising the interrupt function within Signagelive that is configured to respond to defined triggers that results in a specific media asset or playlist being ayed back. In this instance, the trigger is RFID based and the system identifies which of the RFID tagged products is removed from the shelf and then acts accordingly.

The great thing about RFID over traditional scan-and-present solutions that uses barcode readers is that no secondary action is required by the customer.

Since the interrupts features has been available we have seen many applications that include:

– Queue management systems
– GPS (location triggered content in buses and taxi’s)
– Touch screen applications
– Gender recognition (aying back relevant content based on a web cam identifying the sex of the person looking at the screen)
– Fire alarm activation (pointing to the nearest exit/advising of tests)
– RFID/barcode scanners (product information)

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