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Lift & Learn – Creating Experiences

As Digital Signage matures the uses of it have become much more diverse, there are still the normal use cases of a screen with advertising, or a menu board, but there is also a growing requirement to turn the digital signage into a complete experience for viewers.

In this sense there has been a lot of talk about “Lift and Learn” technology recently.

Since October 2014 Signagelive in conjunction with our Enhanced SMIL support have been able to provide Lift and Learn experiences.

A specific use case example would be, a digital signage screen, which is playing general content within a store, in front of the screen are a number of products, which are sat on top of pressure switches, when the product is lifted, the GPIO module sends a signal to the player to say that a specific sensor has had it’s product lifted, within Signagelive this sensor is connected to a GPIO Interrupt which, is triggered and displayed on the screen.

The idea being that, you are then giving the customer some more information about the product they are looking at, this could be anything from the price, to a story about the product, or the other options available within the store of that product (maybe a different size or colour) and where these can be found.

This is achieved using the standard interrupt functionality available within Signagelive. Just as you would trigger an interrupt with a key press or mouse click traditionally.

Proof of Play and Lift & Learn

The brilliant thing about this, is that it will automatically work alongside our Proof of Play module, so you will be able to not only know how often and for how long a piece of media was shown, but you could also know how many times a product was picked up throughout the day.

Proof of Play will be able to tell you why the content played (i.e. by an Interrupt) and therefore you will know that a certain product was picked up.

Then why not put this together with some Audience Measurement Tools and you would be able to find out who was picking up the products (gender, age) and tailor your content to improve on these interactions.

How do I Publish Lift & Learn within Signagelive?

To set up Lift & Learn within Signagelive, you need to:

  1. Create a Layout or Playlist which would be playing normally
  2. Create a Layout or Playlist you want to show when a product is lifted
  3. Publish the normal content
  4. Publish and Configure the Interrupt

Within Signagelive, when Publishing an Interrupt to a single Player or a set of Players, as long as you know which input on the GPIO module the switch is attached to, then you can configure this solution as a standard feature, choose the trigger and select a Playlist or a multi zone Layout to be played.

Publish an Interrupt

What do I need to deploy Lift & Learn?

This is achieved with the addition of a GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) Module, this module allows a number of different sensor to be attached to IAdea players, for example:

  • A pressure switch
  • A push button
  • A temperature sensor
  • Motion Detection

These sensors then either send an on or off signal to the attached Player, which allows it through Interrupts (which are set up within Signagelive) to display different content, which is relevant to the sensor.

This means that although the current talk is of “Lift and Learn”, the interaction does not only have to be by lifting a product, but it could be triggered by pressing a switch on a wall or some body moving past a specific sensor.

Although this specifically describes interaction with our Enhanced SMIL Players, it would be possible to create similar experiences with our other supported Players, but would require some development work, so if you are interested please get in touch at