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Lithuania’s largest cinema chain deploys Samsung Smart Signage Platform powered by Signagelive

Signagelive technology used to manage dynamic content for digital menu boards and video posters in real-time

Forum Cinemas UAB, the largest cinema chain in Lithuania, is the first company in the Baltics to deploy Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform, powered Signagelive. The platform is being used to run dynamic content, such as digital menu boards, to engage with cinema goers and to increase overall revenue.

The Smart Signage system has been supplied and installed by Hansab, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, and Signagelive’s strategic channel partner in the Baltic region.

The cinema chain has recently undergone a major refurbishment programme at its Vilnius premises to modernize facilities and management processes. This has involved a technology refresh to replace a number of existing standalone, PC- driven screens with Samsung Smart Signage displays to reduce energy and operational costs.

All new displays, including newly installed HD video walls, are run by Signagelive’s cloud based software, which has enabled Forum Cinemas to simplify its digital advertising processes. All digital signage content, including dynamic menu boards and rolling videos, is now managed centrally via a single management interface.

The cinema’s end-to-end digital signage solution comprises six video posters, six digital menu boards and an ultra slim HD video wall (made up of 4 screens in a 2×2 configuration), all of which are powered by Signagelive’s management software.  Forum Cinemas now welcomes its customers with eye-catching content, including HD movie trailers that are displayed on a slim bezel video wall, and self-service ordering facilities.

The transition from static signage to interactive content in different formats not only gives Forum Cinemas an ultra-modern image, it offers greater flexibility and also saves time and resource by supporting remote content updates.

Dynamic menu boards and other digital media are stored and managed on Signagelive’s core platform and delivered to Samsung’s Smart Signage Displays over LAN without needing any external media player technology. This has resulted in significant cost reductions per installation as well as ongoing operational and energy savings.

Signagelive’s intuitive management software supports different content formats including static images, video, HDMI inputs, IPTV, web pages and RSS feeds. It also comprises innovative features such as drag and drop functionality, QR code support and management integration for social media widgets.

Says Dovydas Stukas, Sales Manager of Hansab;

“This installation is the first Smart Signage project we have completed in the Baltics. Signagelive’s device-agnostic support allows us to offer our clients an integrated solution that will interface with different screen types and sizes.”

Says Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive;

This installation gives us great credibility and will act as a springboard for other digital signage opportunities in the Baltic region. Hansab is an important go-forward partner for Signagelive and we look forward to a establishing a long-standing business relationship with such a reputable organization.”

It is expected that Forum Cinemas will rollout Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform to regional cinemas in order to achieve time and cost savings on a multiregional level.

About Hansab

Hansab is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for business – especially in financial, retail and public sectors in the Baltic Region. Its comprehensive services portfolio ranges from consultancy, software development and integration, software and hardware sales, installation and after sales services followed by the service export option.

Hansab Group is the only company in the Baltics that offers such a wide range of products and solutions for over 20 years now. It services more than 30 000 devices, including up to 2000 automatic teller machines.

All services offered by Hansab comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 service quality standards. Hansab has instilled ITIL processes and adequate resources to meet the customer’s every growing demands.

Customers, situated in the Baltics, have a possibility to be having centralized service. Our customers benefit from a well-structured financial management, lower costs, and organized logistics of equipment and spare parts. The key advantage to our customers is the integrated technical support. 

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, Hansab Group currently employs over 170 people in 4 countries and as many as two thirds are engaged in the after sales operations.

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Nerijus Žikas

Hansab Group Business Development Director