Live online help added to Signagelive

With just a click of the mouse, our Signagelive users can be connected straight to our Support Team for instant assistance through the new live chat system. The live chat system has been implemented to lessen the need for users to send an email or make a telephone call to request support; allowing a direct chat to be initiated whilst the user is still logged into their network and has access to the Signagelive device.

Live assistance can be initiated via the “Live Help” button located at the top of every Signagelive screen and will bring up a window asking for the user’s name and issue, before being taken through to our online Support Team.

Screenshot of the Live Support System
Live Help Chat Window

Live Help Chat Window

Another benefit of new live chat system is that the Support Team can send a message to any user’s network screen, so we can inform them that we are here to help before an issue needs to be escalated and even identify instances where a user may be struggling.

Screenshot of the Chat Invitation System
Live Help Chat Invite Window

If our Live Help is set as Offline, our users can still use the system to post a direct message to our Support Team, which will be responded to as soon as possible. The online help also allows users to attach files to any conversation, which is then sent directly to the support team to assist with any troubleshooting.

We are continuing to improve our Signagelive software all the time and believe this is a big step forward in ensuring our customers are continually supported and know they are just a click away from live assistance.

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