Monetise your digital signage with Signagelive and Snapp Digital [+VIDEO]

Have you put your digital signage plans on hold, because of concerns about how long it might actually take to make a return on investment?

If this is the case, then the good news is that you might not have to delay your digital signage projects any longer.  

The integration of Signagelive with self-service ad platform, Snapp Digital, makes it easier for you to off-set the cost of investment, and immediately monetise your digital signage. So how does it work?

Snapp Digital

Snapp Digital makes it simple for everyone to sell and buy advertising inventory for digital signage. 

Think of it as your very own personal ad manager, which connects you online with genuinely interested media buyers looking to promote their products and services in your part of the world, and to your customers/visitors.

No fuss, no calls, no emails. On this single platform, you can manage incoming advertisements along with your inventory and set your pricing. 

To get started, you just need to upload your signage inventory on the Snapp Digital platform. 

You control the price you charge, and also have final approval of any content before it goes lives on your screens. If there’s a problem with your advertiser’s content, you can send a quick message from within the platform to let them know. It’s as simple as that.

Why use Snapp Digital with Signagelive?

Our partnership with Snapp Digital makes it even easier to manage and schedule your advertisers’ campaigns. 

When you add an advertisement RSS feed to your Signagelive playlists, any time a new ad is uploaded by an advertiser through the Snapp platform, it will automatically update your RSS feed and play the new content on your device. Whenever the campaign comes to an end, the ads will automatically be removed from the loop.

You can make full use of  Signagelive management and scheduling capabilities. Upload advertising to one, some, or all your digital signage displays in minutes, or run different content for different screens. You can run campaigns on a recurring basis, or alternatively, pre-schedule them for a specific date range, or time frame.

Time-saving automation

If your advertiser’s content is designed for one specific city, county, or State area, you can save time by automating content delivery. Just tag – that is, categorise and group your geographically relevant players together, so that you’re then able to send out the selected advertisement to them all at the same time.

“You can book a month of advertising in a single location that may only have a single screen.” Snapp Digital co-founder, Dustin Lato

Make money with footprint advertising

With what the co-founder, Dustin Lato, refers to as “footprint advertising”, Snapp Digital takes contextual marketing to the next level, enabling media buyers to target customers in a precise location – in a town, on a particular street, or even in a specific public venue. It can be this granular, this hyper-targeted.

Let’s take a real-world example of it how it works. If, for instance, you have a cafe or restaurant business and it regularly attracts local customers, it might make sense for any nearby theatres, cinemas, fitness centres, and shops to advertise their services on your screens. 

This kind of advertising would also add interest to your digital signage, providing ideas for what customers can do in the local area. 

With the right partners, it could even be an incentive for customers to return. 

As part of their advertising, media buyers can, for example, offer exclusive discounts for your customers. 

Local gyms and fitness clubs could, for instance, trial special fitness class rates for a nearby café or restaurant’s customers. These could be accessed by scanning a QR code on-screen with a smart device, or if the screens are interactive, with one or two touch interactions. 

With Signagelive, you could also schedule the offer to display during your morning or lunch rush hour, and alongside any healthy menu options using a multi-zone digital signage template.

Monetise any digital signage network

The ad inventory of any organisation or establishment can be an exciting proposition.

Local colleges with digital signage networks could, for example, profit from working with nearby book stores, which may wish to advertise books that support curricula, or even extracurricular activities.

Interactive campaigns

Signagelive web trigger APIs enable you to boost engagement by developing interactive customer or visitor experiences. 

University campuses trialling their own networks can benefit from this kind of experiential marketing, and bring in some additional streams of revenue from local amusement parks, leisure centres as well as museums. 

With lift and learn solutions, local museums could, for instance, showcase intriguing fossil replicas, and trigger more content about their relevant exhibits every time students lift and explore the items.

AI-driven advertising

The integration of vision AI solution, Meld CX Viana with Signagelive  also gives you the option of helping bigger spend media buyers optimise their campaigns, based on anonymous customer metrics. 

By sharing audience analytics and proof of play reports from the Signagelive platform, you can help them to check if their content is resonating with your customers. Based on this analysis, they can then adapt their campaigns, using what they learn to boost the relevancy and impact of their content. 

Prove the success of advertising campaigns

The integrated Proof of Play functionality on the Signagelive platform makes it simple to prove the value of your digital signage network to advertisers. 

The downloadable Proof of Play reports highlight what content was shown, at what time and on which screens. Advertisers can then check this information against their own sales reports to understand the impact of their campaigns.

Content split and strategy

With more opportunity than ever before to run third-party advertising, there’s now less pressure on businesses to generate content 24/7. This gives organisations with new networks more time to build up their flow of content. 

It also means that businesses of any size can ensure that they are making full use of their screens through the display of relevant, interesting and profit-boosting advertisements.

Before you launch your network, it’s worth considering what your content split will be, and how you can use third-party advertising to complement, and bolster your strategy. 

  • Will there be quieter times of the month, or week, when pertinent third-party advertisements could help to fill any gaps in your content calendar?
  • Will there be foot traffic after-hours, when you could also potentially be utilising your screens for partner advertising?

Kick-start your own content strategy 

With Signagelive, you can also work on creating and displaying your own content. If you’ve only just launched your network and are looking to keep spend to a minimum, you can still create plenty of professional-looking menu boards, notice boards, and videos by using the many free-to-use and subscription-based apps available in the Signagelive Marketplace.

With Snapp Digital and Signagelive, you now have more possibility than ever before to make money from your digital signage, straight out of the box. Find, schedule, and easily manage relevant third-party advertising, which can actually strengthen and complement your overall content strategy.  

If you would like to find out more about how our integration with Snapp Digital can add value to your business, please reach out to us here.