Most of my content is the same, except for a few Assets, do I really need to maintain multiple Playlists?

Have you ever thought, it would be great to only have to publish one Playlist to my players, but at certain times of the day I want to be able to change one of the Assets that is played?

So you have all of the same content being Played, but you have a period of time where you want to add in some additional content, say a Happy Hour advertisement, or the dinner menu rather than the lunch menu.

A great example of this in practice, can be seen in our Sodexo Case Study.

How would you achieve this in Signagelive?

Your first thought might be, and understandably so, that you need to create two different playlists, one without the happy hour content and one with the happy hour content, but the rest of the Playlist would be exactly the same, and then just Publish both of them with different recurrence patterns, and this would work, but it is adding work to maintain these playlists, when you want to change one of the other pieces of content.

The best way to achieve this, is to use Conditional Playback.

What is that, you might say..

Against an individual asset within a Playlist, you can set a number of properties, which affect when and where that asset plays.

There are 3 different options and you can use all 3 in conjunction.


Validity, allows you to choose the date range for which an Asset is going to be played. This allows you to have a Playlist full of Assets, which will be playing all of the time, you can then add an asset, which will only play for 1 day, a week or a month, and this is automatically handled by the Player without any need for you to remember to update the Playlist.

You just choose the start date and time, and the end date and time, and the Player does the rest.

You can read the knowledge base article here.


The recurrence settings give you quite a lot of flexibility, you can choose the days of the week the Asset will play on, by either selecting individual days or just Weekends or just Weekdays.

Once you’ve selected the days, you then set the start and end time the Asset should play between, this isn’t it will play constantly between this time, it is just that it will be included in the Playlist during this time.

You can read the knowledge base article here.

Playback Conditions – Tags

By using Tags you can have a Playlist which is played on a large number of Players, but you might have some Assets in the Playlist that you only want to play on a subset, or not play on a subset of those Players.

You can do this by setting a tag against a player and then against the asset in the Playlist you set whether the asset plays on players with or without the tag.

You can read the knowledge base article here.

NOTE: Conditional Playback is only supported on main Playlists, not Nested or Local Playlists at this time.