NCSA selects Signagelive cloud-based digital signage for internal communications


NCSA is using 6 screens across the organization (which is split across several floors in their Chicago office) using Signagelive to display statistics of how well their organization is meeting their goals.

Due to the success of the initial installation NCSA will be deploying more large format screens and start testing the Signagelive screen saver edition across the coaches to constantly provide them current information about the organization.


Rapidly growing organization with need to communicate goals and culture

Traditional tools losing effectiveness; calls and emails not as effective as even 18 months ago.


Focus on data in public spaces through digital signage.

Tie into database of metrics including enrolments and commitments.


Universal communication of goals to entire staff dramatically improves shared understanding of progress to meet goals.

Reduction of time and resources spent on emails and meetings.

About NCSA

NCSA was founded in 2000 to help student athletes and their families navigate the cutthroat, competitive, and often confusing world of college recruiting. Our team of former college athletes, coaches and scouts, our network of 99% of American college coaches, and our custom technology and tools give you the edge you need in the most important game of your life.