Advantech ARK-DS303

Out Of The Box Digital Signage for just £788.00!

If you are looking for an out of the box digital signage solution then the ARK-DS303 from Advantech is the perfect product. Shipped pre-loaded with Signagelive you can have your digital signage network up and running within minutes.

The Advantech ARK-DS303 is not your average mini-PC. Instead, it’s a very compact (18.5cm x 11.8cm x 4.3cm), fanless, rugged, powerful and energy efficient player designed specifically for digital signage applications. Click for full specification.

Signagelive has been enhanced to make use of the ARK-DS303’s Broadcomm “Crystal HD” High Definition hardware decoder supporting 1080p HD video content and enabling the ARK-DS303 to run at 10%!! processor load for maximum uptime and stability.

What does it cost?
Option 1: 1 year Signagelive/1 year warranty = £788.00
Option 2: 3 year Signagelive/3 year warranty = £969.00

The pricing includes return to base warranty on the hardware plus Signagelive support, hosting and all software updates to ensure all Signagelive customers benefit from all the new features at no additional cost.

Advantech have offices worldwide, pricing in Euro’s and $USD is available on request.

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