Interctive Tablet – Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept – Interactive Tablet

At Signagelive we like to continue to try and improve on the offerings we already have, so from time to time we put together some Proof of Concept examples.

These Proof of Concepts are designed to be thought provoking both internally within the business and also for existing or potential customers.

One Proof of Concept we have had for a little while, and you may have seen being shown at a few different shows is our interactive tablet demo.

The main idea behind the concept, is that within a store you have traditional digital signage running, but alongside this signage at certain points, you provide a tablet/touch screen, which lets the customers browse through products within the store, these may be products which relate to the products already being shown around the position of the tablet, or the complete store directory.

Once the customer has found a product they want to find some more information about, they select that product on the tablet, and content becomes visible on the digital signage around the tablets position.

This works really nicely to tell a story about the product, or maybe show some examples of outfits the product would go hand in hand with.

This idea doesn’t only have to be about putting product content on the digital signage, it could also be used for other types of interactivity.

How about a queueing system, when the item is marked as ready, for example a prescription or an ordered product, this staff member marks it as ready for collection, this pushes an interrupt to all of the screens, which have dynamic content set as their interrupt, and they all show that that item is ready for collection.

How does this work?

Although this is a Proof of Concept product, it uses features already available within Signagelive as a basis.

The application available on the Tablet can either be a fully formed mobile application designed for either iOS or Android, or it can be a hosted web application (which can be built by us if necessary).

This application then uses the Interrupts concept within Signagelive, so when selecting a product effectively we are triggering an Interrupt, but instead of that interrupt being directly connected to the individual signage screen/player, the Interrupt is sent over the Network.

This means that from one tablet we could not only change the content on a single screen, but we could change the content on multiple screens, as long as those screens have the Interrupts published to them.

Proof of Play Integration

This interactivity can straight away be linked to Proof of Play data, so that you can see how often this interactive content is being used, and match it to your sales data from your Point of Sales product to prove it is improving your sales.

We can always work together to consolidate our Proof of Play data with your Point of Sale data.

As this is just a Proof of Concept we would need to work with you to produce a complete solution which could be used, but this is what we enjoy doing. If you would like to talk about this, please get in touch at