Samsung HQ certifies Signagelive Digital Signage solution for Tizen 2.4 and 3.0 Smart Signage Displays


Signagelive are very pleased to announce that our latest Samsung update has been officially certified by Samsung for Smart Signage Platform Tizen 2.4 and 3.0 series displays.

Certification of the Signagelive application on Tizen 2.4 and 3.0 by Samsung represents a joint effort by both companies where the Signagelive application has been thoroughly tested by Samsung HQ engineers. As part of the ongoing activities and part of the certification programme, Signagelive will continue to be tested on all new major firmware releases as well as the creation of Signagelive specific firmware – more details will follow once that is available.

To find out more about upgrading your SSP Players to the certified firmware – see here for details.

We have also been working over the last few months with Samsung HQ during the development of the forthcoming Tizen 4.0 product range and this update includes initial changes to support the new range due for launch summer 2018.

Full details of supported Samsung Displays and features are available in this help centre article.

Finally in addition to updates to the Signagelive application to support the certified firmware we are also launching support for triggering content across all Tizen models using the factory remote control as previously announced for SSSP D and E series – see link for full details

We will be performing these updates on Monday 25th June, for your Samsung SSP Displays to receive these updates you will not need to do anything.

The Samsung SSP Displays will automatically receive the updates within 24 hours of the update being released, or if you manually restart the Samsung SSP Display it will receive the update straight away.

To learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, please get in contact with us.