Samsung UK present Signagelive as key technology partner at Smart Signage Platform launch event

Signagelive demonstrates portfolio of ready-to-use applications for Samsung’s Smart Signage Displays.

Signagelive, a global based technology company that specialises in developing cloud-based digital signage applications, will be demonstrating full screen and content support for Samsung’s new Smart Signage Platform at a launch event taking place at the ME Hotel, The Strand, London today.

The event marks the formal UK launch of Samsung’s next-generation Smart Signage Platform developed specifically for commercial use. The event will comprise a series of product and technology presentations (including a 15 minute presentation by Signagelive) for leading Samsung distributors and resellers in the UK, press interviews with industry journalists and networking opportunities.

Signagelive is the only partner that has developed a commercial offering, comprising a portfolio of vertical-specific applications with preconfigured templates to support the launch, enabling Samsung to promote its Smart Signage Platform as a turnkey solution to end users. As such, all Smart Signage Displays, irrespective of size, have been configured to support Signagelive applications as standard.

Signagelive has integrated Samsung’s embedded media player technology into its core software platform (written in HTML5) to provide full support for different content formats including; rolling images, nested playlists, video streaming, IPTV, third-party party websites and Media RSS feeds.

No technical expertise is required and digital signage technology users can quickly set up and display targeted content to different audiences and manage that content centrally or locally, using a Smartphone, laptop or tablet or display remote control. High quality, interactive content (seasonal promotions, nutritional facts, or HR information, for example) can be displayed different screen sizes and be scheduled to dynamically update, depending on factors such as geographical location, time of day or updates to external data sources.

All templated applications are hosted on Signagelive’s high availability cloud platform which eliminates the need for onsite media players. Applications are supplied on a license-per-device basis, enabling users to quickly set up and display high quality content at the push of a button.

Signagelive’s core management software also includes a number of innovative features such as drop functionality, QR code support and management integration for widgets such as Twitter or Yahoo Finance.

Says Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive: “We are honoured to have been invited to demonstrate our capabilities at Samsung UK’s launch event. Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform will result in significant hardware, operational and energy savings for digital signage users. In addition, our library of ready-to-use applications and templates can be used to run dynamic, interactive campaigns in different vertical markets including food services, retail, education and corporate enterprise. They support single display campaigns through to multiple display networks that span different countries/ continents, making them an attractive business proposition to anyone involved in digital signage”.