Screenfeed’s New Content Pass Unlocks a Treasure Trove of Digital Signage Content Feeds for One Simple Price


Signagelive has had a strong partnership with Screenfeed since 2009. Over the last ten years, updates have been made and many great new features have been added.   

Whether you find yourself in the early stages of crafting your digital signage plan of attack or just working through some content commitment issues, a new, all-access option to a wealth of content awaits at the Digital Signage Content Store. 

It’s a brand new bundling solution we’re calling the ‘Screenfeed Content Pass. For a single, monthly per-player fee, Content Pass subscribers can pick and choose from any content feed in the Pass to create a mix of content tailored to their audience. 

We’ve recognised some networks really value having extra flexibility as they plan and manage their playlists. Some networks may not even know exactly what they need but still need to work within a consistent content budget—Content Pass solves that need.

Browsing the options available via Content Pass, you’ll find an array of content options at your fingertips. From all manner of news categories to weather, sports, and infotainment, even financial and health graphics—all the ingredients needed to engage any variety of audiences are in one spot at one price, and all with the ease and dynamic capabilities Screenfeed content is known for.

You might be surprised just how many content options are included – many of the included feeds are the best of our best!


Signagelive users and resellers, let me put it this way, if you were to buy all these products à la carte from Screenfeed, the price would start at $140 (£112) per player. Truly, the value in this bundle is astounding.

Steve Glancey, VP of Business Development, Screenfeed

How to get started

Integrating the Screenfeed Content Pass is super easy with Signagelive’s Media RSS and HTML5 delivery methods. Subscribe at and create your feeds in minutes. 

Copy your feed url from, paste the URL into your Signagelive content folder, schedule it and forget it. Let Screenfeed help you keep your screens fresh and your audience engaged.