Signagelive powered digital signage network allows Yamaha customers to interact with in-store promotions and select different product information videos using a Smartphone web browser

Signagelive, global suppliers of cloud based digital signage technology, and Mindbomb, a multidisciplinary design and creative services agency, have collaborate their respective skills to develop an interactive digital signage network for Yamaha to enhance the retail experience for consumers.

Yamaha wanted to further enhance the retail experience for consumers and requested Mindbomb (one of its certified suppliers) to explore a number of options that would reflect the highly regarded status of the Yamaha brand. These included the deployment a companywide digital signage network and the development a purpose-built web application for Smartphones that would allow consumers to interact with in-store promotions and browse different music genres simply using their Smartphone’s web browser, thus increasing consumer engagement and improving overall sales.

Mindbomb subsequently developed proof of concept interactive digital signage application with a conventional provider but chose Signagelive as the preferred digital signage platform provider for the actual project because of its cloud-based capabilities, its cross platform software, its reputation in the market and its extensive technical expertise.

Signagelive has incorporated Mindbomb’s purpose-built web service and Smartphone interface (Screenfinity) into its core technology platform, giving Yamaha Music a centralised digital signage network with interactive functionality and providing consumers with a seamless retail experience.

Yamaha Music is using its Signagelive-powered digital signage network to promote and support product launch events as well as artist appearances and features in stores across Europe. Using Signagelive’s cloud-based CMS to remotely deploy and schedule content updates, Yamaha can quickly and cost effectively generate campaign content that would have otherwise been logistically impossible or cost prohibitive with traditional media.

The Signagelive powered network can also be used to provide Yamaha staff with out of hours and on demand staff training facilities. Using Signagelive’s advanced scheduling tools, training material can be created, scheduled and distributed on a local, regional or national basis, depending on requirements.

The benefits to Yamaha have been many,”

comments a European Director of Yamaha’s Pro Music Division.

“Particular highlights, however, have been for store staff to use the digital signage network as a closing tool as well as for B2Btraining and awareness. Where the benefit significantly lifts is the ability to dynamically address consumers while in store and give them access to extra information at their leisure via their personal control should they require it.”

To date the digital signage network (comprising more than 25 instore screens installed within Yamaha branded-spaces) has been deployed by a number of Yamaha’s Music’s larger retail partners in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Scandinavia.

“Signagelive have always been on hand to support us – even before we took out our first license we had many conversations to ensure it was the right platform to work with,”

comments Martin Malins of Mindbomb.

“Their technical expertise enabled us to become very familiar with the platform’s capabilities very quickly, allowing us to focus on our integration and ultimately roll out a digital signage with relative ease! Without this support we would have been months behind where we are today.”

“The Yamaha retail application demonstrates the true flexibility of our digital signage platform,”

comments Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive.

“Our cloud-based software (written in HTML5) has enabled Mindbomb to incorporate interactive functionality onto Yamaha’s digital signage network without needing to replace already installed displays, thus maximizing Yamaha’s investment and taking its digital marketing capabilities to the next level.”


About Mindbomb Creative

Mindbomb is a UK based, multidisciplinary agency that provides design and creative services to organisations in

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retail design and point of sale, store-in-store and pop-up-shops, exhibition stand design, build and

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