Signagelive enables Samsung D & E series content using a remote control


With our latest Signagelive release you can now use the remote control supplied with Samsung D and E Series Smart Signage Displays to change the content being shown.

This new feature allows any supported piece of media, playlist or multi-zone layout to be selected and displayed on screen using the 0-9 buttons on the supplied Samsung Remote Control.

This enables interactivity with the Samsung Displays without the need for a touchscreen or any other device, just the supplied remote control. This powerful enhancement turns passive displays into multipurpose interactive media devices, unlocking lots of great use cases, such as:

  • Retailers could use the screen for staff training out of hours, allowing the staff to review the latest Health and Safety or Product training with full accountability of when the media was played and where.
  • A bar could switch from full-screen digital signage content to a multi-zone layout displaying live TV from a Satellite or Cable box connected to the HDMI input on the display alongside local advertising or drinks promotions when the big game starts.
  • Meetings room can switch easily between; corporate messaging, room booking information, business dashboards, social media, IPTV streams and devices connected to the HDMI input for presentations.
  • Sports stadiums can allow VIP Suite guest to select between multiple streams showing different cameras from the game.

The possibilities are endless and best of all, It’s simple to setup and use, all you need to do is publish content to interrupts 0-9 in Signagelive, set a duration on the interrupt and you are done.

We are really excited to release this much requested feature by our resellers and end users. For detailed information on how to setup this feature a video and instructions can be viewed here.

To learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, please get in contact with us.