Signagelive and Epatra to promote cloud-based digital signage in the Benelux and Scandinavia

Signagelive’s cross-platform support makes digital signage technology accessible and affordable across all markets

Signagelive, global suppliers of cloud-based digital signage technology, has teamed up with Epatra in the Netherlands to create all-inclusive bundles for digital signage users in the Benelux and together with Swedish subsidiary company ACE AV in Scandinavia.  Epatra is the largest wholesale distributor in the region and an established supplier of AV solutions and digital signage technology.

This new agreement will give Signagelive greater exposure to mainstream ICT resellers as well as the possibility to secure new opportunities in niche markets such as retail, education or the fast food industry.

epatra_logoEpatra has partnered with Signagelive because of its in-depth understanding of the industry and its cross- platform support capabilities. Signagelive is one of the few software companies that is not reliant on auxiliary devices or onsite media players to run digital signage applications because its offering is cloud-based, requiring simply an Internet connection.

Over the last 18 months Signagelive has made digital signage technology widely accessible to different market sectors and user types by enhancing its support capabilities for a range of non-PC devices, including Android-based players, Intel NUC, IAdea players and Signboards, as well as Raspberry Pi technology.

Signagelive’s cloud-based software is written in HTML5 and supports multiple content formats including static images, streaming video, IPTV, web pages and RSS feeds.It also integrates with QR code technology and all common social media widgets.

Targeted information can be displayed on different screen types and/or sizes and scheduled to dynamically update, depending on factors such as time of day or updates from external data sources. Promotional information can be overlaid onto background content to reinforce marketing messages and encourage consumer engagement, resulting ultimately in increased sales.

Says Hans de Blois, General Manager , Epatra :

We see great opportunities with Signagelive for our resellers. This platform makes it possible scheduling media from mobile devices. The prices of displays are still decreasing. Together with cheaper players this narrow casting solution is really affordable for all end-users.” 

Says Jason Cremins, CEO, Signagelive;

“I believe that the Signagelive / Epatra collaboration will deliver exciting business opportunities for both organisations. Our cross-platform support and cloud-based software, combined with Epatra’s established presence in the market makes digital signage technology accessible to markets that have not historically benefitted from digital signage technology due to high cost barriers.”

Signagelive and Epatra will be holding an open day on 16 September in Alblasserdam, Netherlands. More info through