Signagelive have continued to hold the G2 Leader position in digital signage for a fourth quarter


Despite only joining peer-to-peer review site, G2 in May 2021, Signagelive has quickly collected a plethora of positive reviews, emerging as a G2 Leader in digital signage for the fourth quarter in a row. This consistent ranking is critically important feedback, because it is based on reviews from real, verified users – the very customers for whom we design our platform. 

The availability of Signagelive for review on the G2 website is in perfect keeping with our overall brand strategy, enabling the team to check that we’re still in touch with what customers need to be successful with their digital signage.

About G2

Over 60 million people per year visit G2, the world’s largest technology marketplace, to compare the best business software and services, based on user ratings and social data. Everyone who visits – including the site’s five million monthly buyers – have the opportunity to write and read unfiltered, 100% validated reviews. The featured businesses – Signagelive included — cannot handpick or curate their own reviews. The value in this is that any potential customers browsing G2 can trust in the efficacy of the Signagelive platform and in the brand name.

Why being a G2 Leader in digital signage matters to us

Signagelive is founded on the principle of creating intuitive and genuinely productive and scalable digital signage solutions that everyone in a business can use. It’s therefore important, as part of the company’s on-going strategy, that we use every opportunity to touch base with our customers and invite honest feedback. This is not only to improve our existing platform but also to inspire further innovations.

 The drive behind the company’s Research and Development is not to create technology for technology’s sake, but to develop meaningful solutions that can add real value and fulfill genuine market needs for businesses of every size.

Customer and industry feedback has and always will be factored into the design and development of every feature, integration, and new solution, and with G2, we now have an additional means to access it.

Top 10 Reasons why customers have helped us become a G2 Leader in digital signage

Here are the top 10 reasons why customers have helped us to reach – and maintain – a leader position in digital signage:

1) Easy and intuitive

 “It’s extremely easy to update multiple screens quickly and even schedule out content.”

“Whether working from home or on-site, sending content to multiple locations is quick and easy.”

At Signagelive, we believe that cutting-edge technology solutions don’t have to be difficult to use or understand. In fact, the more intuitive and user-friendly they are, the more widely they can be implemented and used across different departments, and locations, without the on-going support of  I.T teams. 

“Simple interface which is easy to use.”

As a secure cloud-based solution, the Signagelive platform is already a user-friendly and cost-effective option, saving customers from the trouble and expense of installing and maintaining an on-premise server. However, it’s the platform’s intuitive, user-friendly interface and the ease with which it can be configured and content displayed that have really helped to set Signagelive apart from its competitors.

2) Scalable

“Curated communicating of important information for both a location-specific audience and for a more global audience.” 

The Signagelive platform has been designed as a solution that can accommodate the ever-evolving needs of businesses as they grow and expand. An infinitely scalable cloud-based solution, it allows users to schedule and remotely update content on some, or all the screens across even the largest, multi-location digital signage networks.  

“Signagelive allows us to control our menu screens remotely with relative ease. Content can be pushed to different restaurants in a matter of minutes.” 

As the number of screens and community of content creators increases, the platform remains just as easy to manage, enabling new users to get up and running quickly and without any protracted training and support.

3) Compatible with a wide variety of digital signage platforms

“It is effortless to add new players to a wide range of different signage platforms, including the Amazon Fire Stick. This makes it quick and straightforward to convert almost any device into a signage display.”

“It works on a wide variety of different display platforms that make it easy to deploy in a wide variety of situations.”

Part of the reason that the Signagelive CMS solution is so user-friendly and versatile is that it is compatible with many different digital signage platforms. Making it easy to convert almost any device into signage, the platform ensures that it’s quick and simple to add new players to a whole host of platforms from Amazon Fire TVs to LG webOS and Samsung Tizen displays.

4) Robust administration

 “Easy to manage our digital signage in multiple locations by multiple users. They have a compartmentalised permissions system for individual elements, making it easy to limit permissions where necessary.”

While Signagelive makes it easy for everyone to use its platform, we also understand that it isn’t always helpful or necessary for all users within a business to have the same level of access. That’s why we have developed Granular User Permissions (GUP).  With GUP, administrators can define user roles and user group roles, controlling, and where necessary, restricting what individual users or groups of users can see, access and do on the platform.

5) Dynamic

“Many possible usage scenarios”

“Versatile and flexible platform to create a complete signage platform for any kind of customers, going from retail to production companies to sport teams…”

Signagelive has been designed as a tool to suit a vast range of industry applications, from retail and workplace environments to hospitality venues, health care centres and care homes. 

Through its Marketplace, Signagelive offers industry and application-specific support with applications for Microsoft Power BI and Sharepoint as well as Menu Boards, PosterMyWall and YouTube. 

With its latest solution, Secure Dashboards, Signagelive can also allow for the secure display of data across workplace digital signage. In addition to this, thanks to its integration, with partner platforms, such as MeldCX visual AI solution, Viana, Signagelive can also provide customised solutions to ensure more targeted campaigns.

6) Feature-rich

“The tool is both straightforward and feature-rich.”

While Signagelive is easy to use, it is also feature-rich, offering a wide array of functions to maximise the success of any digital signage campaign. Some of the most frequently mentioned popular features in our G2 reviews include:

Playlist creation and scheduling

“The uploading, organising and maintenance of content is straight-forward.” 

With the playlist content editor, you can choose from a range of full-size display and multi-zone content template designs and create and edit content for them from anywhere and at any time. You can also select the order in which you want your playlist to cycle through content. 

“We’ve delivered the right digital signage message at the right time to the right place.”

With Signagelive’s advanced scheduling capabilities, content is easy to pre-schedule for a specific date range and time frame, or alternatively, can be set to appear on a recurring basis. 

Customers have found the automatic download of assets to their media players upon saving their playlists a particularly useful feature and appreciate the flexibility to set expiration dates for promotional content. 

Other popular features that make content management quicker and easier include player grouping or tagging, and the platform’s editing flexibility, which ensures that you don’t have to republish content, when updating the content for an active playlist.

Remote health check features

“We appreciate the ability to monitor each of our screens. The remote screenshot feature has help us troubleshoot and solve many issues remotely.”

Customers value the Scheduled Reboot function, which enables you to pre-schedule remote reboots of your players to optimise their performance. 

The Health Check function is also popular, as it enables you to check at pre-scheduled intervals throughout the day that your players are working and communicating with our system.

Similarly, the Remote Screenshots feature is giving customers peace of mind, enabling them to check at pre-selected times throughout the day what is currently being displayed on their supported players.

7) Free content on the Signagelive Marketplace

“Free apps and content are a nice bonus and help to add variety to the playlists (ie. weather and newsfeeds, RSS feeds, etc)”

A resource of editable and non-editable content, the Signagelive Marketplace is full of free-to-use applications for a whole host of use case scenarios. As well as offering YouTube, Social Media and News applications for entertainment and infotainment, the Marketplace also provides Noticeboards and MenuBoard tools for retail and hospitality along with weather and clock widgets, and calendar and meeting room applications for workplace environments.

8) Support team and tools

“Support has an immediacy to it that is refreshing.”

We have won the on-going custom of many customers, thanks to the high standard of support we offer. As well as providing immediate in-person support, we aim to empower our users with quick self-help resources, such as the Learn Hub and the Digital Signage Guide. These tools are not just designed to help customers trouble shoot any minor issues themselves, but also to ensure that they are making the most of our platform, and in turn, their digital signage network.

9) API to create custom features

“Building on top of Signagelive with their API also has allowed our customers to create custom features and integrations with numerous POS systems and triggers”

The Signagelive API enables customers to create custom features and integrations with multiple POS systems and triggers.

10) Reliable

“Signagelive allows us to deploy and manage remote signage solutions. Its reliability results in very few service calls.”

“When I’m updating content, I’m always confident that it’s accurate and will play according to my settings”

Customers have found the Signagelive platform to perform reliably and consistently well.

If you would like to find out more about Signagelive or would like to request a demonstration of our platform, please do get in touch. And if you’re an existing customer, please do visit to leave a review. We would value your feedback.