Signagelive is having a Style Update

The styling trends of the last year and what look set to be continued over 2015, are all about Flat colours. No longer are the gradients of the past favoured. Therefore as part of our Dashboard Upgrade, we have decided to have a refresh of the styling throughout Signagelive.

We’ve put together a whole new palette of colours, that will be used throughout Signagelive, making sure everywhere matches and looks the same.

With our last platform update we gave a glimpse of these plans with our new Activation Codes and Connected Content, and in some of the material for our upcoming Player Dashboard update and Proof of Play module.


The most notable change, comes with the top banner and navigation. We are taking away the darker blue and grey, and replacing it with white and a light blue.


The blue is a recurring theme, you will see more throughout Signagelive, in what we think is a fresh new look.

We’ve updated our default icons, for RSS Feeds, Capture Cards, Interrupts, and Local & Nested Playlists.


And the Playlist Creator has had a refresh too, yes more of that blue!


Let us know what you think!