Signagelive Labs – Turning a ChromeOS device into an interactive kiosk

Working with ChromeOS has made it possible for us to be able to produce a labs project, which creates a full interactive kiosk platform. You can schedule both the attract content and the kiosk application from within Signagelive, so there is no need for multiple applications.

The attract content will play within Signagelive until the screen is touched, once it is touched it will allow the user to interact with the content scheduled. Once the user stops interacting, using a configurable time out period (e.g. the screen isn’t touched for 15 seconds), Signagelive will return to the attract content.

Due to the touch feedback capabilities of ChromeOS this allows us to understand the idle period, which isn’t currently possible with our other supported hardware.

A labs project means that it isn’t currently available, but if it interests you then please get in touch and we can talk you through the steps needed to move it from labs to a product.