Signagelive partners with digital signage manufacturer, Allsee


Signagelive is set to bring customers an extra competitive advantage, further widening the spectrum of projects for which they can specify, thanks to a new partnership with digital signage manufacturer, Allsee Technologies. Offering a cost-efficient, value-added and scalable digital signage solution, both companies have worked on a Signagelive supported Android media player. Especially designed and preconfigured for the Signagelive platform, the commercial-grade player comes pre-bundled with the Signagelive standard licence.

SL_allsee (1)

What are the advantages of a Signagelive supported media player for Allsee displays?

Seamlessly integrated with Signagelive, this Android media player is designed to streamline costs, as well as simplify the entire content management and delivery process.


With the integration of the Signagelive platform, it’s easy to create, update and schedule content on-site, or remotely. While playlists can be designed in minutes to cycle through content in exactly the order you want, time-sensitive promotions are straightforward to pre-schedule by date range and timeframes, or alternatively on a recurring basis. 

Signagelive Marketplace

Finding inspiration for day-to-day content is equally simple. The Signagelive Marketplace is full of free-to-download content, offering everything from digital menu board templates and social media as well as weather widgets to calendar integrations, countdown clocks, YouTube, News, and Web pages.

SSO and Approvals

A user-friendly and scalable content management solution, the platform ensures that even if you are not personally managing the content, you have full control over what appears on-screen. The Approvals function allows you to create user groups of employees, who you have authorised to pre-approve content that any other user has uploaded, before it goes live. 

With Single sign-on (SSO)** services, such as Okta, AzureAD, and PingFederate, you can simplify the login process for larger digital signage networks, using one set of credentials to access multiple platforms.

** Single sign-on is an additional, chargeable module within Signagelive.

Web triggers

For more targeted and context-driven marketing, Signagelive also comes with a Web Triggers API, which allows cached content to be triggered and displayed on-screen in real time. These triggers could be mobile applications that show new models in a showroom, or pre configured media assets such as images, videos, and more.

Player management

Ideal for any size of digital signage network, the Signagelive platform is designed for flexibility. Through its remote management system, you can turn players on and off as well as reboot them at any time and from anywhere. You can also preview content scheduled from the past, present and future, and remotely check what is displaying on-screen by arranging for screenshots to be sent to you. Additionally, with the tagging functionality, content is much easier to find.

Proactive monitoring

Even when you are off-site, you can still keep track of the health of your network. For real time, around the clock updates, you just need to set up optional SMS or email alerts that will keep you informed of your players health. 

Proof of play reports

To give you in-depth analytics about your asset playback, Signagelive also offers detailed proof of play reports that can be downloaded. Ideal for sharing with advertising partners, they may be used to verify that specific advertisements have been run on the requested screens and for the number of times agreed.