Signagelive powered LG Cooler with 49″ Transparent Display – not just for the summer

Signagelive has been working closely with LG to enable support for their 49” transparent display coolers that run on LG webOS system on chip (SoC) technology, eliminating the need for an external media player. The LG coolers have been one of the biggest product hits in all of 2016 trade shows to date and now customers can purchase immediately with stock availability through the channel. The reason for their draw is the many possibilities for their use, whether it is a large supermarket or convenience store for the chilled / frozen aisle or for any business looking for a visually engaging addition to their canteen. Retailers especially are seeing the possibility of engaging with customers with proactive and attractive content at key areas in the store, assisting customers to select products at the ‘point of decision’.

Creating content is easy as the screen automatically takes the white within any content and makes it transparent. The cooler has a proximity sensor which provides two modes of use. When there is no-one within close proximity the cooler plays in “Advertising” mode, which means the content is opaque when someone comes into proximity of the cooler the white turns transparent so that you can see through the content and see the contents of the cooler.

We think it’s a cool product (pun intended) which can be used in many different scenarios, from retail through to corporate communications and even companies like yours and ours. We have one in our HQ, isn’t it time you saw what it could look like in yours?

To understand the functionality available on the coolers please visit our Help Centre article which compares the different LG webOS versions.