Proof of Play BETA, what do I get and how do I get it?

Now we have started our Proof of Play BETA, we thought it would be a great idea to share some of our “How To” Videos. To give everyone an overview of how Proof of Play works, what configuration is available and what are the Reporting options as of Day 1.

During the BETA period enabling Proof of Play on your Network has to be done manually by Signagelive, so if you want to get involved fill out or Proof of Play BETA sign up form.

Once Proof of Play is enabled on your Network, you then need to choose which Players will be included in the reporting.

This is done within the Network Manager, either globally or on a Player by Player basis.

After deciding which Players you want to include in Proof of Play, we then need to decide which Media should be included.

There is a hierarchy the Player uses when it plays media, to decide whether to log an impression or not.

ProofofPlay Include In Proof of Play Hierarchy

So as you can see, there is quite a lot of configuration, and flexibility about when to log an impression and when not to.

We then Publish the content as normal to our Players, and they start logging. The Proof of Play Impression logs are uploaded at set intervals, which are configurable on a Network by Network basis.

The uploading is done completely separately to the content checking process and does not interfere with this in anyway, also if the Player cannot upload its Proof of Play logs it won’t stop logging, it will just wait to upload until it has an internet connection.

Once the Player has uploaded its Logs, we then process those in the background, and this is then used to display in a near “Real time” dashboard, the current stats for the current month.

The reason we say near “Real time” is because it is reliant on the Players uploading their logs, but as soon as they are uploaded and processed, the Dashboard will include that data.

Now to the important bit, the actual Reports, there are 12 different Reports you can have produced, split into 3 time ranges and 4 different Groupings.

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly
  • Verbose – all of the detail we log
  • Grouped by Media Asset – a summary of the number of impressions and total duration played for each individual Media Asset
  • Grouped by Media Asset then Player – as the above, with a further breakdown of number of impressions and duration per Player
  • Grouped by Player then Media Asset – a summary of total impressions per Player and a breakdown of how this is made up per Media Asset

We have already been getting some great feedback from our BETA users, if you haven’t signed up yet, but want to get involved, please fill in the BETA sign up form and we will be in touch.