Signagelive Room Booking App has been updated with new improved designs and features


By reviewing your feedback, once again we are continuing to launch and improve our Signagelive Apps to make managing and updating your digital signage content simple and easy. 

The latest App to see an enhancement is our Room Booking App as the importance of meetings is key to any business as they help build both collaboration and relationships around projects, customers and employees. As the world continually evolves its approach to meetings during COVID-19, the need to be able to organise meetings and share this information is both important, time saving and gives the right first impression to external clients.

We recently covered Room Booking in one of our weekly live stream sessions please take a look at this video for more information. 

Our latest update sees significant improvements to our Room Booking App and gives both improved visual design and makes configuring meetings even easier. You can view schedules, make new bookings, select time frames and even extend a meeting by using your google calendar or Office 365 with this App, making your ability to arrange meetings and enhance collaboration far greater.

Useful information on how to set up your App

Signagelive users can easily add the Room Booking Apps to your Signagelive Network with a single click in our Marketplace. Once added to your network it can be added to a playlist or moved to a playlist to be scheduled and published to your Signagelive Media Players.


To learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, please get in contact with us.