Signagelive for Samsung SSP 4.0 Tizen P-series Displays

As many of you will be aware, Samsung has announced that the next generation of their Smart Signage Platform Displays (SSSP 4.0) are to be powered by their Tizen operating system.

In the announcement Samsung stated:

Beginning in 2016, Samsung’s new P Series digital signage technologies will feature the enhanced fourth generation Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP 4.0) powered by the Tizen operating system. With Tizen, SSSP will deliver more powerful graphic performance and seamless content playback to expand users’ visual display possibilities while creating a more vivid and memorable experience for their audiences.

The Tizen-powered, fourth-generation SSSP features an upgraded graphics engine to drive faster response time, interactions and loading speeds. The platform additionally enables users to manage display content more rapidly through an optional PC-less all-in-one screen.

The refined SSSP 4.0 platform allows users to build and launch web-based applications by offering HTML5 support and a comprehensive toolset, including Web Simulator and Tizen Emulator. The new platform’s versatility expands users’ content development capabilities while reducing activation time.

To ensure continuity for our VARs and customers, Signagelive has been working with the Samsung HQ team to ensure our Smart Signage client works on the latest Samsung SSP 4.0 Tizen (P Series) Displays.

The above video shows our HTML5 multi-zone media player working successfully on a P-Series Tizen SSSP 4.0 display replicating all of the media scheduling, playback and offline content functionality we support on the current SSSP Displays.

Over the coming weeks, we will be adding support for the Samsung SSP 4.0 Display specific features including external input support and all of the display control and monitoring capabilities that Tizen offers.

We are on schedule to launch Signagelive for Tizen SSSP 4.0 when the new Samsung P-Series Displays are released to the market globally.