Signagelive support for Philips Android Displays now publicly available


Philips DSE 2

Signagelive has publicly released support for the Philips PDS D-line series of Android SoC Displays.

Following the announcement of Signagelive support for the Philips PDS D-line series of Android SoC Displays at Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2017 in Las Vegas, we have, today, released public support.

Signagelive Value Added Resellers and customers can add a standard Signagelive licence to a Philips PDS D-line series display and publish and manage content from a Signagelive network.

This initial public release incorporates the following functionality:

  • Full Signagelive Media Player support with full-screen/multi-zone support
  • Images, Videos, Web page support
  • 100% support for Signagelive scheduling
  • Remote Application updates
  • Widget support – 500 x Editable Templates, Clocks, Weather and Calendar Integration Templates
  • Web Trigger support
  • Offline playback of all media/layouts/templates
  • Proof of Play reporting

Future releases (updated remotely) will unlock the following additional capabilities:

  • RSS Ticker
  • Remote firmware updates
  • System Monitoring Info
  • Remote Screenshots
  • Screen Control – on/off
  • Remote reboot
  • IPTV Stream support
  • HDMI input support

Detailed information on how to connect a Philips PDS D-line display to Signagelive can be found here.