Ten reasons for choosing Signagelive to manage your digital signage network


Over 60% of commercial organisations will implement a digital signage system within the next five years. Additionally, more than two-thirds of UK retailers believe that digital signage significantly improves brand awareness* (source Samsung UK retail digital signage survey).

So what are the key drivers?

Visual impact – thanks to YouTube and superfast broadband, we’re far more likely to watch a short video clip than read a corporate brochure or wade our way through a product manual.

Interactivity – we are no longer satisfied with static content – we want to interact with what we see, share our experience with others and smartphones give us an easy means to do that.

Consuming digital content on a large display requires minimal effort; its engaging nature causes our subconscious to subtly register marketing messages being conveyed. Time-related offers, lifestyle information, downloadable vouchers all encourage spontaneous behaviour, usually resulting in a sale. Digital content is so influential that in the retail world, more than half of purchasing decisions are made at the Point of Sale (PoS).

Capitalise on dwell times

Digital signage provides a perfect opportunity for businesses, large or small, to take advantage of locations with a captive audience – airport check-ins, public waiting areas, shopping malls, sports venues, the list goes on. In all these scenarios, digital signage network owners can intermingle short video clips played on a loop with live news updates, RSS feeds, ticker feeds or even interactive services to retain consumer attention and to raise brand awareness to increase sales.

So given the powerful and engaging nature of digital signage, why is it that so many companies come unstuck when it comes to implementation? It usually boils down to the following; complexity and cost.omni_channel

Digital signage networks don’t have to be complicated

Having the displays and infrastructure in place is one thing but if you don’t have an easy way to run manage your displays or to source and schedule appropriate content, your digital signage investment could quickly become an expensive white elephant.

Managing a digital signage network is neither complicated nor expensive as Signagelive (a top digital signage technology provider) is clearly demonstrating.  Although a relatively new player compared legacy suppliers, Signagelive has, over the last five years, outperformed its rivals in terms of functionality, ease of use and technological advancement. It now ranks on Google as one of the top five suppliers of digital signage software globally.

Here are just some of the reasons why:

  1. Cloud-based – no onsite hardware is needed to run and manage your displayed content and no downloadable software or plugins are needed to access its feature-rich content management system (CMS)
  2. Cross-platform – Signagelive works with conventional PCs, Smart displays, non-Windows devices and touchscreen displays –  SSSP, LG webOS, Google Chrome and IAdea, are just some of the systems supported
  3. System on Chip (SoC) and HTML5 software – Signagelive delivers advanced functionality normally associated with a Windows environment. SoC-powered displays also remove the need for onsite media players which reduces installation and operational overheads.
  4. Cost effective – Signagelive is available as a wraparound solution all upgrades and support costs are included in the price of the software whether you chose 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5-year terms.
  5. Intuitive – Signagelive’s CMS and management dashboard is easy to navigate, intuitive to use  and comprises  a range of scheduling tools and drag and drop functionality, so users can quickly create and schedule compelling playlists.
  6. Great content partners – the shortfall for many digital signage network owners is the lack of content. Signagelive has integrated a number of content stores into its core technology – giving users easy access to vertical-specific content directly from Signagelive
  7. Contextual and responsive signage – Signagelive’s SoC software fully supports the latest NFC, web triggering and mobile technologies so digital signage network owners can make static content interactive without needing any technical know-how.
  8. Multiple content format support – Signagelive support multiple content formats and types including video, static images, streaming video, web pages and RSS feeds. It also integrates with QR code technology and all popular social media widgets.
  9. Proven – Signagelive a string of high-profile customers under its belt including the Lithuanian Post Office, Eurostar, Maceys Convenience Store, Blinds.com and Vodafone Hutchinson Australia.
  10. Bespoke –  Signagelive offers customised training programme with e-learning and on-site training options so users can take their networks to the next level

Sign up for a free trial today and see for yourself how Signagelive can enhance your digital signage network and applications.