Top 3 Digital Signage market trends and why Creative Media Agencies should care

Digital Signage Trends

Market Overview

The global dynamic digital signage market is growing up to 40% year on year. Numerous research reports into the industry have projected worldwide sales to reach over $20 billion by 2020. That is not taking into consideration spend on creative media content.

Some stats to set the scene…..

AV chart 1av chart 2

Source: AV Magazine

Where Creative Media Agencies fit in the grand scheme of things….

digital signage venn diagram

Source: Invidis Consulting

Why should you (Creative Media Agencies) care?

  1. One – the numbers: Considering how long the industry has been ‘established’, these numbers are impressive. What makes the data even more compelling is that it only reflects sales of dynamic digital signage systems, including the hardware and software components required. Over time, content creation is the most lucrative aspect of the sale and is not even factored into these figures.
  2. Two – Omnichannel: Digital content has already proven a better ROI for content so why stop at just websites? With end customers more consistently requesting an omnichannel approach the ability to have a seamless transition of the customer journey from mobile / tablet (web) to in store is already there. Creative media agencies adopting this approach will prove their added value to customers.
  3. Three – Content is King: An old saying yes, but not often considered when discussing digital signage because screen / media player (hardware) or software technology was and in some cases will continue to be the first topic to be tackled. However, with constant new technological developments digital signage is now much more than just a screen on the wall. The boxes in these areas are being ticked with the emergence (now over 18 months old) System on Chip (SoC) technology from Samsung and LG coming to market (no media player required therefore no additional cost) all the way through to Google Chromeboxes for digital signage (including Chromebit – Google on a stick not to be confused with Chromecast) the customers can once again turn their thoughts to ‘how can my content attract and keep the attention of my passers by, whether they are employees of an organisation, or potential purchasers of a product.


Don’t take our word for it – just two of our creative media agency driven projects can be seen here.

Eurostar – Digital signage – concept The One off – Delivered by Solutions AV

Superdrug – Digital signage – the store of the future – APS Group – Delivered by Solutions AV

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