TVskins for Samsung DXN range

We are big fans of custom enclosures for Large Screens that turn them from a standard piece of Audio Visual equipment into a dedicated Digital Signage device. For those of you that know our work, we designed and rolled-out a solution for Thomson (TUI-UK) that turned a 32″ LCD Display into a 40″ Digital Poster to comiment their traditional posters used throughout their Travel stores.

In the four years since the Thomson project the world has moved on and creating custom enclosures has become a specialist design and manufacturer process. In our opinion, the best around are the TVskin products designed and manufactured by Vogels in The Netherlands.

Vogels are a well respected manufacturer of quality mounting solutions for screens and projectors so who better to create the enclosure for the screens themselves.

The TVskin concept has been around for a while, but at our request (and those of our Strategic Partners) we convinced Vogels it would be great to have a range of TVskins for the Samsung DXN range of LCD/PC’s powered by Signagelive, to which they oblidged.

In addition, for applications where a complete enclosure is not required, Vogels have designed a TVskin Lite option that provides a simple branded bezel that can be slipped over the front of the Samsung DXN and clipped into ace. 

TVskins can be purchased through Vogels Distributors and Signagelive Strategic Partners throughout the world.

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