Upgrade From Samsung’s MagicInfo to Signagelive

Samsung and Remote Media have collaborated to provide a Signagelive automatic update to the extensive ‘n’ series of 32” to 82” LCD/PC LFD (Large Format Displays) providing a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) Digital Signage solution aimed at reacing MagicInfo.

The upgrade is downloaded and copied onto a USB flash drive and when inserted into any Samsung ‘n’ series product (full list below), it will automatically uninstall the Samsung MagicInfo software, install Signagelive and present a registration page where the user can add their unique Signagelive licence and site details. Once the details are entered the device will connect to the Signagelive servers over the Internet, confirm validity and availability of the licence code and then issue a unique Signagelive serial number to the device. For larger projects this process is automated so that devices are pre-configured with a network code so that the device automatically attaches to Signagelive once it is connected to the Internet.

Once successfully attached to Signagelive the device will automatically update any preloaded playlists, media, log-files and Signagelive software/codecs and start running the required media.

The following table outlines the Samsung’s LFD range that supports Signagelive:












MXn Series

Y Y   Y            

320MXn, 400MXn, 460MXn

CXn Series

  Y   Y            

400CXn, 460CXn

DXn Series

  Y   Y   Y Y   Y Y

400DXn, 460DXn, 520DXn, 570DXn, 700DXn, 820DXn

UXn Series

  Y   Y            

400UXn, 460UXn

UTn Series



TSn Series

Y Y   Y         Y Y

320TSn, 400TSn, 460TSn, 700TSn, 820TSn

PDP Series

    Y   Y     Y    

P42Hn, P50Hn, P50Fn, P63Fn

Outdoor (AIO)

      Y         Y Y

460DRn, 700DRn, 820DRn

Window Display



Outdoor Kit

  Y   Y         Y Y

460DRn, 700DRn, 820DRn

The upgrade is available in the UK & Ireland through Midwich us all Samsung Distributors throughout the world. If you are looking for a Signagelive reseller, please contact +44 (0)1799 530110 or email sales@Signagelive.com

Download Samsung’s latest LFD brochure

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