What happens when I reach out to Signagelive for a demonstration or a trial? [+VIDEO]

When you reach out to us, our main priority is understanding your needs. No digital signage project is exactly the same and understanding what you’re looking to achieve is imperative to make sure you’re successful with your digital signage. Whether it’s for a retail experience, corporate communication, marketing outreach, educational institute or many other possibilities, it’s our priority to give you the best experience possible. 

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When you reach out to us, we’ll arrange a call to understand your requirements. This will most likely include:

“Do you already have hardware?” 

Signagelive works on a multitude of devices which gives you the freedom to select the hardware that suits you best, however, you may already have screens or players that can be repurposed. Understanding your current environment will help us make your digital signage as cost effective as possible. (If you don’t already have hardware, we may ask if you have a preference for hardware vendors but don’t worry, we can always help you with this if needed!).

“What kind of content are you looking to show?”

With digital signage, content is KEY. Knowing what you’d like to display (Images, videos, apps, streams etc) will give us the insight we need to recommend appropriate hardware if required. 

“What are you looking to achieve with your digital signage?”

Are you looking to display key metric data? Are you about to launch a complete company store rebrand or are you looking to engage and inform your staff of the latest events and data trends? Whatever the case, we want to know what your end-goal is so we can provide you with the tools to succeed. 

If you want to read about these requirements further, take a look at our key elements of digital signage article. 

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What’s next?

It’s important to note that the content management system (Signagelive) is not the only part of your digital signage you’ll need to consider, but don’t worry! We know it all off by heart and can guide you through the digital signage landscape. 

Resellers and their part in the process

We rely on our select group of approved Resellers to guide you with your purchases. This includes players, screens, installation, CMS content and anything else you might possibly need to install and activate your digital signage. Should you require long term plans that include content management or hardware maintenance, we will introduce you to a reseller who can provide this too.

We always work with you to make sure that the reseller we introduce will be able to achieve and deliver all elements of the service you need. This is a crucial part of the focused qualification process. If you already have a reseller that you prefer to work with, we can work alongside them to deliver the full solution. 

Internal infrastructure and planning

We’ll guide you through everything you need to get started. That isn’t limited to your CMS platform. Another key consideration will be the internal infrastructure you need to continue delivering engaging digital content. We’ll discuss and assess the ongoing content management, creation and delivery needs for the future. 

Testing a platform’s functionality is crucial to making sure you select the right CMS for you

So how do you test Signagelive and make sure it has all of the features you require to be successful with digital signage?

Your CMS of choice is one of several key decisions you will need to make before you’re up and running and we understand that each of these decisions may alter the requirements you need from the platform.

Once we understand your requirements, we will arrange for a full-fledged trial platform to be at your disposal with as many licences as you need to create your demo environment. We’ll guide you through implementation and make sure you and your team fully understand the event aspect of what you’ll need to succeed. 

Final thoughts

Regardless of if you’re moving from an existing platform with existing hardware or looking to start your digital signage experience from scratch, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process while informing and training you. 

No matter what solution you’re looking for, if you’re looking to deliver digital signage content to your players, we’ve experienced it first hand. We can help you qualify and plan for your future success in digital signage.