Signagelive Brand Guide

These simple guidelines provide information on how to market your company with respect to the Signagelive brand. Anyone wishing to use the Signagelive name/logo will need to adhere to these guidelines.

Using the Signagelive name and logo

When referencing Signagelive, please spell it as Signagelive, only 1 word, using a capital S and a lowercase l. Similarly, you can use the Signagelive logo in marketing material to promote our service, but it should never be modified and should always refer to our service. If you are planning on using our logo on a website, it should link to and you must email and receive permission from before being released publicly. You can find approved logos below.

Unacceptable Use

  • Condensing, extending, skewing, distorting, manipulating, modifying or redrawing the logo in any way
  • Printing type or any other elements inside the logo
  • Altering the proportional relationships  or the vertical and horizontal alignment of the elements of the logo
  • Placing the logo over areas of imagery where the logo is not clearly defined

Your Company’s logo

Please make sure your logo doesn’t incorporate any part of the Signagelive logo and is clearly different from our logo.

Approved Logos

Signagelive Logo – dark background

Signagelive Logo – white background

Signagelive Logo with text – dark background 

Signagelive Logo with text – white background