Discover the right prescription for healthcare operations with digital signage


Digitise – and drive your organisation with ChromeOS and Signagelive

Is your healthcare organisation lagging behind digitally? Are costs and cybersecurity concerns preventing your company from leveraging the latest digital solutions, such as digital signage? This doesn’t need to be the case. There are now cost-effective digital signage solutions that can actually optimise data protection and help instantly alleviate everything from workloads to rising costs. 

One such solution is from Signagelive and ChromeOS. When powered by a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade (CEU) Licence,  ChromeOS devices, and the Signagelive content management platform enable you to build an exceptional value, highly secure, and enterprise-ready digital signage network. You can effectively improve the management of your operations, and boost productivity and patient outcomes, while also cutting unnecessary costs.

ChromeOS devices

Reducing the cost of upfront investment, ChromeOS devices are the ideal hardware for any HIPPA compliant digital signage network. With Chrome Enterprise Upgrade (CEU), they offer built-in security and compliance, which makes them safe to use as platforms to access everything from patient records and research to budgets and health service data from any certified EHR solution.

Cloud-based admin console

Through the Google Admin Console, healthcare organisations can also access a number of extra security controls, which allow, for instance, devices to be disabled remotely in the event they are stolen or lost.

Additional cloud-based support from the Google Admin Console includes enabling I.T departments to streamline – as well as optimise device management, right from the start. With I.T admin able to set up user and device settings remotely, either company-wide or for specific teams, digital signage can be rolled out much more quickly, securely – and smoothly. The resulting plug and play end user experience ensures no time is lost helping employees to trouble shoot. Even longer term, IT teams can alleviate end user issues by continuing to manage and monitor the devices remotely, using weekly metrics reports to help continuously improve the user experience.

Did you know?

According to IDC research, ChromeOS devices can help:

  • Lower three-year operation costs by 44%
  • Reduce security attacks by 24%
  • Cut time to deploy by 63%


If you add Signagelive into the mix, you can make even bigger gains and unlock the full potential of your devices. As a Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution, Signagelive offers one of the most tightly integrated, cutting-edge content management platforms for ChromeOS. This makes it ideal for use with any ChromeOS device, enabling you to manage the seamless execution and secure delivery – at scale of important data and research that you need to share, as well as important employee communications.

As an ISO-27001-certified company that has been proven to be able to protect large volumes of data, Signagelive also offers one of the most secure CMS solutions on the market. From a single, highly secure platform, you can access a wider breadth of functionality, which gives you more choice, when it comes to how to access and deliver your data, as well as create and deliver notifications and organisational updates.

Why use Signagelive with ChromeOS devices?

So what does this all mean? In real world terms, what can ChromeOS and Signagelive actually do for your healthcare organisation day-to-day, and will they make any tangible differences?

1/ Quick, easy and uniform access to data

For a start, with this combination of technologies, you can share the latest reports and research on your big screens across every department floor. Through data integrations, such as Signagelive Secure Dashboards, it’s easy to roll out data quickly and securely on some or all your screens, and from any business intelligence platform, including HIPPA-compliant tools, like Microsoft Power BI.

The ideal support for more inclusive and collaborative data-sharing practices, these data integrations update in real time, making it easy for teams to see, at a glance, the analytics they need to make timely decisions. Organisations can display clinical activities, supplies, logistics, costs and outcomes, as well as AI-driven predictions to help personnel determine their future needs.

With advanced scheduling functionality, Signagelive also enables departments to quickly deliver specific reports, research or patient diagnoses to specific rooms for the immediate attention of other team members. This allows for faster information-sharing and collaboration, allowing departments to lean on each other for input and second opinions.

2/ Remote updates to EHR platforms

Touch-screen digital signage kiosks can support group as well as individual workflows, enabling staff, who move around regularly, to sign in securely using the Single-Sign-On (SSO) feature, and even update department-specific information from EHR-certified solutions. This could be from anywhere on the department floor, or any other authorised and secure meeting room area in the building. With features, such as Kiosk Mode, Signagelive optimises the speed and efficiency of the experience by ensuring highly responsive interactions.

3/ Improved training

With digital signage, healthcare organisations can also step up their training initiatives. They are able to live stream training sessions, so they can use their most experienced trainers to induct multiple personnel from across different buildings.

Signagelive and touch-screen ChromeOS devices also support interactive training, enabling staff to swipe for more information. Trainees can even request more on-screen details about particular services or products simply by picking up physical training props.  

4/ Powerful employee communications

Signagelive-powered ChromeOS digital signage can also help you to improve your overall employee communications strategy.

With platforms, such as Layered Solutions, Signagelive makes it easy to integrate emergency notification technology with your digital signage. Through this integrated solution, you can amplify your health and safety notifications on your big screens, whether that’s to advise of fire or weather warnings, or other threats.

Integrated Signagelive HTML5 tools, such as Screenfeed Connect also make it easy to design professional-looking notifications that include your own tables, charts, information and imagery. You can personalise and brand content, creating, for instance, specific employee updates and new starter announcements to be broadcast across the organisation, or to selected departments.

Centralised content management teams can also easily invite updates and input from other departments, including Human Resources teams. This could be for recruitment notices, mental health advice, or simply reports on what employee benefits are available across the board.

5/ Better telehealth and meetings

With Signagelive, you can also turn ClickShare devices into digital signage players. From a single compatible ClickShare device, you’re able to deliver digital signage, as well as wirelessly video conference. This all-in-one, secure and cost-efficient communications system offers significant advantages, helping to improve the telehealth and/or healthcare meeting room experience. In the case of telehealth, patient records and notes can be sent to doctors and reviewed on-screen prior to virtual patient appointments. For meetings, digital signage can be used to brief and then de-brief teams before and after video conference calls to maximise productivity.

Together, ChromeOS and Signagelive offer everything you need to move forward and leverage the benefits of cloud-based digital transformation – and all without the usual associated costs, or compromises to security. Quick and easy to set up, you can empower staff, and streamline management processes, while also improving patient outcomes. It’s the perfect solution for any socio-economic conditions, enabling your organisation to keep costs to a minimum.

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