How digital signage can drive the success of your back-office operations [+VIDEO]


Digital signage is best-known for delivering transformational customer and public-facing campaigns, but can it do anything to drive the success of your back-office communication strategies? 

The answer is most definitely “yes”. Proven to boost employee engagement and productivity, digital signage is an incredibly effective resource for the back offices and staff rooms of every kind of business from retail and Quick Service Restaurants to manufacturing plants.

Whether you want to build up your corporate culture, gamify the workplace experience or deliver next-level training, digital signage has the power to strengthen your business operations.

Companies with high employee engagement experience a 26% increase in annual revenue.  Aberdeen Group                                                                                                 


Strengthen your corporate culture

With workplace digital signage on every office floor, it’s easy to immerse staff in exactly the kind of work culture you want to build.

Instead of having to relegate mission statements and business values to the pages of unread new starter handbooks, you can now bring them to life on-screen, alongside the latest updates from your top management.

Important international business developments, sustainability drives and new starter news that are usually missed in unopened email updates and newsletters can also be given prominence on-screen in every office location. 

You don’t need to invest much time and resources to share daily news. Cloud-based content management systems, such as Signagelive enable you to create, schedule and publish content from anywhere and across as many digital signage locations as you need.

With features, such as nested playlists, it’s also quick and hassle-free to add head office corporate messaging to local office content line-ups.

Once tagged and catalogued, nested playlists can be located easily in your library and dropped into local office playlists. You can use either some or all the content items in a nested playlist and choose the order in which they appear.


Improve employee management

With digital signage, you don’t need line managers to spend their time hovering over staff. You can ensure a more engaged and productive workforce simply by using your screens to highlight daily targets and goals, as well as impending deadlines. 

Facilitating a move away from old-fashioned, unproductive management styles, signage networks allow you to drive better business outcomes by motivating your teams. 

Enabling you to engage – and inspire staff – with original content, digital signage TVs can be used to broadcast videos about individual employee achievements, and to remind staff of bonuses and benefits, as well as to foster a sense of team spirit.


Motivational gamification

By gamifying the workplace experience, and motivating your employees to work harder, you can achieve even more as a business. 

The process of gamification doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be as simple as sharing workflows on-screen to track the progress of your teams and cultivate a sense of collective achievement. Or it could be creating a little healthy competition within or between offices by using your screens to display leaderboards that highlight your top-performing teams and individuals.

With multi-zone digital signage layout templates, it’s also easy for you to feature your leader boards alongside any company social media “shout-outs” to reward and recognise your star performers.

89% of employees believe that gamification makes them productive at work.  TalentLMS


Next-level training

You can also use your digital signage to boost the impact of your corporate training. All too often in-person training sessions fail to hit the mark, simply because businesses don’t have the time, or sometimes even the staff required to train all their employees, and new starters.

Digital signage solutions can make up for the deficit, enabling organisations to provide a more consistent and higher standard of training for all their employees.

Thanks to their integrations with IBM Cloud and YouTube LiveStream, platforms such as Signagelive enable training sessions to be live streamed on workplace signage, so that the most experienced trainers in a company can be used to train staff from across multiple different locations. 

When broadcast on interactive displays and used with apps and remote controls to trigger content, such on-screen live training sessions become even more effective. Trainees can interact with trainers in real-time via live chats, as well as use on-demand messaging to trigger additional, educational on-screen content. 

Digital signage is also the perfect tool for new product or partner service training, allowing you to create ultra-immersive, and detailed walkthrough videos, that staff can click through at their own pace.


Better health and safety signage

When it comes to legally required business notifications, paper-based signs have proven to be difficult to maintain, requiring on-site staff to replace and update them regularly due to wear and tear. 

With digital signage, the upkeep of such legal notices is much less stressful, allowing just one health and safety playlist to be created and then shared to digital signage players across multiple office locations. 

Any active playlists are also easy to update, enabling you to make edits without having to republish them every time.

Businesses with highly engaged employees have 70% fewer safety incidents. Gallup

In the event of any emergency, you can also broadcast a message to one, some, or all your digital signage players in any number of locations. Whether it’s for a weather warning, or imminent threat, or on-site security breach, digital signage networks can be used to relay messages in real time and to all the employees you need to reach.

With integrated web triggers, content management systems, such as Signagelive offer an even smarter emergency alert solution, allowing, for example, scheduled content to be interrupted with safety instructions every time the fire alarm goes off.

Real-time staff communications

Real-time staff communications are also game-changing when it comes to everyday business operations. Whether it’s to bring Slack room chats to the big screen or share the most up-to-date data from integrated business intelligence platforms, digital signage can boost collaboration and ensure inclusivity, enabling everyone on the floor to see, at a glance, the latest development, without having to stop what they are doing. 

Platforms, such as Signagelive Secure Dashboards make it easy to share password-protected data securely. You can display data dashboards from various business intelligence tools, such as Microsoft Power BI and Grow, without exposing your login credentials or making your data public via URL.

Ideal for almost any back-office use case scenario, digital signage can help multinational offices to work together in real-time on everything from supply chain issues to time-sensitive contractual negotiations, and even urgent crises, such as product recalls.


Infotainment in the office

It isn’t all about work, of course. To attract the best talent, businesses must also develop corporate cultures that nurture mental health and well-being. This means ensuring that even when employees are in the office, they are given the time and the resources they need to take breaks and socialise with teammates. 

When used in combination with content management platforms, such as Signagelive, digital signage is the perfect recreational tool for any staffroom or communal area. 

With integrated subscription-based apps, like Seenspire and Screenfeed, these CMS solutions enable you to display unlimited curated infotainment, including content feeds for everything from user-generated social media to sports, and entertainment.

Digital signage is a dynamic communications tool and arguably one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to running successful back-office operations. Whether you want to improve employee management styles and boost productivity, or simply help employees unwind during their breaks, digital signage can make a real, measurable impact on the day-to-day running of a business, and even to the bottom line.